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Daily Self Reiki Brings Joy

15 February 2014

Daily self Reiki practice only seems daunting until you taste the joy it brings; one Reiki student is surprised by the gifts a little discipline offers.

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Practice Equality

18 January 2014

Equality is real, but in order to know it, we need to experience it. That takes daily practice — Reiki practice, meditation practice, or another spiritual practice of your choice.

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Reiki Self Care Revolution

11 January 2014

We’ve started a Reiki self care New Year’s Revolution, a community uprising against whatever keeps you from taking good care of yourself.

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The I Practice Self Reiki Every Day Badge of Honor

04 January 2014

The I Practice Self Reiki Every Day badge supports your practice and gets the word out about Reiki self care. And it’s free!

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The Many Gifts of Reiki Healing

21 December 2013

Reiki healing brings many gifts. Nancy Arnott shares how her daily Reiki practice keeps her life balanced.

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Reiki Treatment Helped Christina Aguilera Lose Weight (It Can Help You Too!)

14 December 2013

Christina Aguilera credits Reiki treatment for her 30-pound weight loss. Reiki keeps her mind in a good space, strengthens her discipline and helps her eat healthy. What works for Christina can work for you, too!

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Reiki Healing Eases Anxiety of Risk and Change

23 November 2013

Reiki healing brings confidence, reduces pain, and eases anxiety that prevents us from taking the risks needed to be happier and make needed changes.

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Reiki Lineage

02 November 2013

Does linking Reiki lineage to how you practice rather than your training change anything for you?

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Reiki Lineage Comes Alive

26 October 2013

Reiki lineage comes alive when Maryland Reiki master Ellen Sosinski invites her master and her master’s master to meet her Reiki students.

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Best Reiki Healing

12 October 2013

“My Reiki practice is the best practice.” We can’t help feeling that way. But is it? How can we know for sure?

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