A Masterclass Series Empowering You to Shift From Confusion to Clarity and Reconnect With Your True Self and Purpose

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How often have you ended a conversation and after reflecting, regretted saying "Yes" when you knew your answer was "No"?

Trying to navigate daily life without healthy, compassionate boundaries is like living in a house with leaky pipes. If feel you’ve done all the right things to set yourself up for success and happiness, checked all the boxes, yet still aren’t feeling fulfilled and truly satisfied, you’re not alone. 

Most people have some area of life where they’re not holding healthy, compassionate boundaries, where they’re leaking their vitality, and feeling decidedly less than empowered. That disappointment can easily bleed into other areas of life.

The good news is you have the power to heal and transform. It starts with 6 Simple Steps to Spiritual Self-Protection that you can start doing immediately, and notice improvement.

What You Will Learn

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Blessed Boundaries

Six Steps to Spiritual Self Protection
A 6-day live, experiential journey led by Pamela Miles Live Sessions
  • Oct. 3rd - 12pm-1pm ET
  • Oct. 4th - 12pm-1pm ET
  • Oct. 5th - 12pm-1pm ET
  • Oct. 6th - 12pm-1pm ET
  • Oct. 7th - 12pm-1pm ET
  • Oct. 8th - 4pm-5pm ET

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Meet Pamela (Your Teacher)

Pamela Miles
Pamela Miles, Reiki Master and Author

Hello, I’m Pamela Miles, and I’ve had the joy and honor of helping people heal themselves and their relationships, discover their unique gifts, and live from the heart for over 45 years.

I’m a longtime spiritual practitioner and mentor, a published author, an international Reiki teacher and the foremost Medical Reiki expert. Since the 90s, I’ve been at the forefront of bringing spiritual practice — Reiki and meditation — into conventional medicine, including teaching at Yale University School of Medicine, presenting at Harvard Medical School, collaborating with the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and implementing programs at NY Presbyterian/Columbia and other prominent New York City hospitals.

My approach is heartfelt and straightforward, drawn from 50+ years of spiritual practice to help you connect deeply with yourself as easily and quickly as possible. It’s not instant; it’s a process, and you’ll make significant progress in this program. You’ll experience insight and greater self-love, gain clarity and self-awareness, while developing skills you can use for life.

During BLESSED BOUNDARIES, I’m available for as much mentoring as you want as you build your skills and create a new relationship with your heart.

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