Communicating Reiki

Communicating Reiki isn’t as easy as practicing Reiki. If you feel uncomfortable talking about Reiki, or you’re not getting the response you anticipate, these articles will help.

The articles are written for Reiki students and home practitioners as well as Reiki professionals.

Choosing Your Reiki Words

Reiki practitioners often ask me, “How can I get people to open up to Reiki?” This is a curious question to me. I find people to be very open and interested in Reiki. And honestly, I don’t see it as my job to open people up to Reiki. My job is to reach the people who are already open to Reiki (even if they don’t know it)…


Reiki and Baseball

The competition in major league baseball is fierce, but players stay focused on their own practice and maintain respectful, cordial relationships with opponents on the field. Reiki practitioners are colleagues, not opponents, yet they often sideline themselves in meaningless rivalries.


As Common as Aspirin

“I want Reiki to be as common as aspirin.”–Hawayo Takata

Reiki-as-common-as-aspirin means Reiki available mainstream, maybe not at your local pharmacy, but available where the mainstream public hangs out. You could help make that desire a reality. Are you with me?


Reiki Is Safe

There are so many myths about when Reiki treatment can be safely used. Let’s dispel the myth that Reiki treatment is ever contraindicated once and for all. We can start by looking at what is really happening when we offer Reiki treatment.


The Reiki Credibility Challenge

Dr. Oz’s Reiki endorsement on the popular The Dr. Oz Show kindled interest among an entirely new segment of the population. Now what?

Think of the people in your (extended) family who are most different from you (and put aside how many times you tried to talk to them about Reiki in the past). Thanks to Dr. Oz, Cousin Vinny is now encouraged that maybe this Reiki thing will relieve the pain in his arthritic joints. Aunt Sally is hoping Reiki treatment will help her sleep after years of insomnia.

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