Reiki Precepts

Today only,

Do not anger,

Do not worry.

With thankfulness

Work diligently.

Be kind to others.

Translated by Reiki master Hyakuten Inamoto

INVITING HAPPINESS: Exploring the Reiki Precepts

Mikao Usui, the founder of the Reiki lineage, referred to the Precepts as “the secret of inviting happiness through many blessings, the spiritual medicine for all illness,” and included them in daily practice. Too often overlooked today, the Precepts help you create a bridge between how you actually experience life to how you want to experience it.

In this class, you will deepen your understanding of the Precepts and learn how to access their support in daily life. Here’s how participants have described their experience of this one-day retreat:

You created a safe, nurturing environment for exploration.

This exploration created a significant deepening in my practice, so much so that friends noticed a difference when we shared treatment.

Peaceful, nourishing, and stimulating, the kind of Reiki community I long for.

The retreat deepened my understanding of the precepts; I had just been touching the surface.

I feel empowered to continue contemplating the precepts in daily life.

Just amazingly wonderful and inspiring.


This event is not currently scheduled. Email me if you would like to host it in your area.