Reiki Shalala

I attended the annual Duncan W. Clark lecture at the venerable New York Academy of Medicine here in New York City to hear Donna Shalala speak on the future of nursing. Shalala is a formidable American, then president of the University of Miami, past president of Hunter College of the City University of New York, …

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Protect NJ Reiki

2 Ways to Protect NJ Reiki Now

The New Jersey legislature has called a public hearing on Assembly Bill 2461 for Monday, March 20. Here’s how you can oppose this first step towards licensing Reiki practice by attending in person or through email. It’s important that we make a strong showing.

protect new jersey reiki

Protect New Jersey Reiki Now

The New Jersey legislature is calling for a task force that is the first step to regulating Reiki. That would be costly for NJ Reiki practitioners, and mean you can’t practice as you choose. We’ve made it easy for you to voice your opposition, and the time to do it is NOW.

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