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Reiki, Medicine & Self Care with international Reiki Master and Medical Reiki pioneer, Pamela Miles, is the foremost Reiki training and resource platform where you can learn to practice Reiki, deepen your existing practice, or develop your Reiki professional skills.

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Meet Pamela Miles

Pamela Miles is an international Reiki master practicing since 1986, the foremost Medical Reiki expert, and author of the award-winning book REIKI: A Comprehensive Guide.

Since the 90s, Pamela has pioneered Reiki practice at academic medical centers including Harvard, Yale, the NIH, and NY Presbyterian/Columbia.

Pamela’s Award-Winning Book is the only Reiki book written for the mainstream public and healthcare providers.

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A Teacher You Can Trust

There are no standards for Reiki training or practice, so Reiki certificates are really meaningless. Many who consider themselves to be Reiki masters have less training and experience than my beginning Reiki students.  You want to be an informed consumer and do some research.

Reiki Classes: What’s Right for You explains what to look for when choosing a Reiki teacher or professional so you’re not disappointed.

Integrating Reiki into Healthcare

Reiki practice offers profound support to patients, family and staff. Reiki is completely unregulated (as it should be), so Reiki credentials are meaningless. Many who consider themselves Reiki masters have less training and experience than my beginning students. That makes it hard to find Reiki professionals or teachers who are able to collaborate effectively in conventional healthcare. That’s why I offer the Reiki & Medicine Intensive. I’ve been at the forefront of integrating Reiki practice into conventional health care, including Harvard and Yale medical schools, the NIH, and New York-Presbyterian/Columbia. I help hospitals and businesses bring the benefits of Reiki practice to their staff to improve well-being and reduce burn-out.
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Reiki Timer App with Pamela Miles Icon

Reiki Timer with Pamela Miles a Reiki professional since 1986, I’m always encouraging Reiki students to practice regularly so you can feel better no matter what challenges you might be facing.

I know an easy-to-use, easy-to-customize Reiki timer makes it easier to practice on yourself—most important!—as well as on family and friends. And it’s a huge support for teachers holding classes and events.

I couldn’t find a timer with the ease and customization needed to inspire people to practice, so I designed this one to be the Timer of Your Dreams! Download your gift below.

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2 Ways to Protect NJ Reiki Now

The New Jersey legislature has called a public hearing on Assembly Bill 2461 for Monday, March 20. Here’s how you can oppose this first step towards licensing Reiki practice by attending in person or through email. It’s important that we make a strong showing.

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Protect New Jersey Reiki Now

The New Jersey legislature is calling for a task force that is the first step to regulating Reiki. That would be costly for NJ Reiki practitioners, and mean you can’t practice as you choose. We’ve made it easy for you to voice your opposition, and the time to do it is NOW.

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What people like you have been saying:

Kym O'Neill
“Thank you for your beautiful, incredibly effective Reiki training. I got so much out of your teachings. Since the training, I’ve been practicing self-Reiki nightly and it’s making a very big difference in both my work and my life–it’s quite amazing, actually. I’m calmer and more able to handle everyday stresses. My clients (and kids) have been more vocal (in a positive way), and I feel more confident about my work than I’ve ever felt.”

— Kym O’Neill

Siddharth Shah MD

“When I engage with Pamela, I know I’m in the presence of someone who is self-possessed and has my best interests at heart. It is a rare thing to bring these qualities together with a healing practice that transforms not just the body but the inner state as well. Pamela embodies the spirit and promise of Reiki.”

— Siddharth Ashvin Shah, M.D., M.P.H.

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Celebrating daily Reiki self treatment​

There is a difference between meditating occasionally, and meditating every day. It is the same with Reiki practice. People who commit themselves to their Reiki practice and practice self Reiki every day, naturally come to understand the practice and its healing benefits better than those who practice occasionally. Sign up for my free 30-Day Reiki Self Practice Challenge to receive very short emails every day to support your daily practice. Together, as a diverse community of thoughtful practitioners, we each offer the public a respectful perspective on Reiki practice, respectful of the practice and respectful of the individual.
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