Comprehensive Reiki Healing Sessions with Pamela Miles

Comprehensive healing sessions with Pamela Miles.Do you have a health — or happiness — problem you’re trying to solve? Comprehensive Reiki healing sessions can help.

It could be anything from staying as healthy and happy as you are now to wondering how you will make it through your next round of chemo. Maybe you suffer from chronic pain or anxiety. You might have an aging parent or a child on the autism spectrum, and you need support.

Comprehensive healing sessions can help in a wide range of situations because they start with Reiki practice. Rather than treating symptoms or conditions directly, Reiki practice helps restore balance so you feel better and function better, and your system can shift gears from coping to profound self healing.

Clearly that’s important for everyone, and even more important if you are a home or professional caregiver, because everyone in your care benefits when you feel better.

That’s where we start — by helping you feel better. Clients typically report improvement during their first Reiki treatment, although more sessions may be needed to stabilize and strengthen that improvement.

Because we don’t just want you to feel better, we want you to stay that way.

As part of your comprehensive healing session, I’ll help you create a well-being program that works for you, with simple, effective steps you feel confident you can actually take.

In my comprehensive healing sessions, you’ll receive Reiki treatment, insight, and very practical tools.

Together we can take you from coping to true healing.

We can start optimizing your health and well-being now. Email me to schedule a comprehensive healing session..

Here are three ways we can work together to relieve your suffering, strengthen your wellness, and restore balance to your life —


Comprehensive Reiki Healing Sessions

A complete Reiki treatment is the centerpiece of our session. You’ll start by lying fully clothed on my treatment table on your back, with support or a modified position as needed for your comfort.Each healing session is customized to your current need, but here’s a sketch of what your healing session will be like. Distant phone sessions provide the same care as in-person sessions. Only the logistics are different.

A complete Reiki treatment is the centerpiece of our session. We’ll discuss your experience, and address your questions.

I’ll help you strategize how you can regain and maintain optimal well-being, drawing from my 50 years experience with medical intuition, integrative health care, and health-promoting lifestyle.

After your Reiki treatment, we’ll discuss your experience, and address your questions.Our emphasis will be on:

  • what you want to do,
  • what you can do, and
  • what you choose to do.

I’ll help you become more aware of moments in which you could choose to be healthier and happier, not give you a list of “shoulds” to haunt you.

You’ll feel better, and feel empowered to address whatever challenges you’re facing. It’s your choice whether to receive more treatment, or not. I’m available for support as needed.

When I learned Reiki in 1986, I already had a quarter century of experience in yoga, meditation and natural healing. You get the benefit of that expertise.

I’ll help you recognize opportunities to promote wellness in your daily life and, if needed, connect you with physicians and specialists who will respect your preferences. I want you to get the best care possible, whatever that means to you.

Pamela Miles is inspiring and the consummate professional, gracious, and attuned to each individual with respect and clarity of vision. — Mae Sakharov, Ed.D.

When I was suffering from rosacea, I came to Pamela Miles for help. She got right at the root of the problem through several Reiki treatments. For over a year, I have had no substantial rosacea. Ask any dermatologist what a nightmare it is to treat patients with rosacea! I am so grateful to Pamela Miles for teaching me Reiki and for offering her loving heart to alleviate a very humiliating skin disorder. — Kimora, Ph.D.

Email me to schedule your appointment, or click here to read more about Reiki healing sessions. All sessions are on the phone, which allows you to continue resting afterward for as long as you want.


Intensive Healing Sequences

Do you want to dive deeply within and connect with your innate wisdom and your profound power to self-heal?

If you are willing to commit to a sequence of five sessions within a week, you can create a profound, yet gentle shift toward great health and well-being, especially if you simplify your life during that time to create a healing retreat for yourself.

During your sequence, you receive daily Reiki treatment and coaching. You spend time each day as you can in contemplative, expressive practices such as journaling, free-writing or art. Each sequence is specific to the individual client at that particular time.

It’s helpful to lighten your schedule as you are able to during this time, making space for more down time and alone time, but it is completely up to you.

Email me to arrange your individual Reiki sequence.

Schedule Your Comprehensive Healing Session Now

All sessions are prepaid. Please use the payment button below and then email me to schedule (and be sure to check your junk folder if you haven’t heard from me within a few hours).




5 sessions in one month $1470 $999


Monthly JCC Reiki Clinic

You can experience a Reiki treatment at low cost at the monthly JCC Reiki Clinic on Manhattan’s Upper West Side.

You will lie fully clothed on one of six treatment tables and receive a 30-minute treatment, usually from two practitioners, under my supervision. I am there to welcome you, and to answer your questions after your treatment.

Last night, right after the Reiki clinic, I felt relaxed and still felt the warmth from the practitioners’ hands. When I woke up this morning I felt very different…almost lighter, as if some heavy negativity had been lifted off me. Definitely something great happened because I can feel the difference already! — Erika B.

The JCC clinic is held the first Thursday evening of each month, except for holidays. The clinic fee is $20.

The JCC Manhattan
334 Amsterdam Avenue at 76th Street
New York, NY  10023

Pre-registration guarantees your space, but we do our best to accommodate walk-ins. You can register here or by phone 646-505-5708. Choose the treatment time that suits you, and please arrive 10 minutes early.

If you would like to be on my mailing list and receive announcements about the Reiki clinic, sign up here and check the box for NYC public Reiki events.

Reiki students or practitioners of any lineage are welcome to participate in the clinic. You will receive a treatment yourself, and offer treatment to the other practitioners and to the public, in a supervised treatment environment, with time for discussion and mentoring after everyone has had a treatment. Please read more about the JCC Reiki clinic here.

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