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Learn to Communicate Reiki to Anyone & Everyone!

If you want to help more people, you need to have more Reiki clients. That means you need to communicate Reiki so people are interested. That’s effective Reiki marketing, and it’s a skill every Reiki professional needs.

I can show you how to talk to people about Reiki so they listen.

And want to know more.

And are more likely to sign up for a session or a class.

Why are you a Reiki professional?

No matter how you phrase it, your reason for being a Reiki professional is some version of: I want to help people.

To help more people, you need to have more Reiki clients. That’s obvious. But how?

You know the difference Reiki practice has made in your life — the pain and fatigue it’s relieved, the anxiety it’s calmed, the loneliness and self doubt it’s lifted, the happiness and well-being it’s brought – and you want more people to have that.

That’s a heartfelt desire. It comes from the purest part of you.

As a Reiki professional, you are also a small business owner. I don’t know if you have a long range plan for your business, or if, like me, you create as you go.

Either way, I want to inspire you to dream bigger and help more people by serving more Reiki clients. In order to close the gap between your dream and serving more people, you need to effectively communicate Reiki.

Close your eyes and remember how you feel after even a brief Reiki self practice. Some variation of calmer, more centered, refreshed, present. Please add your own adjectives.

That Reiki difference

Most people would be happy to have that. We Reiki practitioners get so used to having composure at the end of our arm that we forget how frequently most people feel at least a bit helpless and hopeless, with no relief in site.

Now add the longer term benefits you’ve experienced:

  • Are you sleeping better, and waking up refreshed and optimistic about the day?
  • If you had been suffering from anxiety, indigestion, depression, burnout, arthritis, asthma, etc., what symptoms have been lessened?
  • What symptoms have totally disappeared?
  • How has your attitude toward work changed?
  • Are you more confident, excited by challenge instead of caving when things get complicated?
  • What relationships have become more satisfying?
  • Do you express your needs more easily, and notice when others express theirs?
  • How much more loving have you become, and more loved?
  • Is it easier to say “No,” without unnecessarily pushing people away?
  • How much better does it feel to be you, living in the body you have, even if there are things you’d still like to change
  • If you are under medical care, is your body managing the side effects better?

Those are just some improvements I frequently hear. The list is long — in fact, endless — because the overall balancing effect of Reiki practice leads to benefits that are individual and wide-ranging.

At times you might have felt that no one is interested in Reiki practice. Surely now you appreciate there are so many people who want what you have gotten from your practice.

And, they are unlikely to reach out to you. That’s because most of the people who would be drawn to the benefits of Reiki practice don’t even know about Reiki practice.

If you want to help more people, you need to reach out to them. I can help you with that. I’ve been doing it for a quarter of a century (YIKES!).

Reiki what?

Being a Reiki professional is not like being a doctor or nurse or plumber or accountant. Everyone knows what services those professionals offer.

It’s true Reiki practice is much more known now than when I started practicing in 1986. I saw a huge spike Reiki interest after I was on The Dr. Oz Show a few years back.

Still, most people haven’t heard of Reiki.

While most people aren’t as health-minded as Dr. Oz’s audience, people generally would like to feel better, sleep better, digest better, get along better with their spouse and kids, have fewer headaches, focus better or be more productive at work.

Truly, who isn’t looking for help on some level?

Unique Reiki business challenges

Reiki professionals face some unique challenges building our businesses:

  1. The public doesn’t know about Reiki. People don’t know what we do, or what Reiki practice is. Plus it’s a foreign word. In business jargon, we have a product recognition problem. We need to start each conversation at the ground floor.
  1. There is much misinformation about Reiki practice. People who might want our help may not be savvy about health and healing. Even if they have heard of Reiki, they might have a misunderstanding of what Reiki is. Sometimes people say to me, “Reiki, yes, that hurts, right?” They are likely confusing Reiki with rolfing, but who knows?
  1. The public doesn’t know there’s diversity among Reiki practice approaches. If you try a new doctor and you can’t get on with him/her,you don’t give up on medicine; you look for another doctor. But when people meet a Reiki professional who is not a good fit for them, or not very professional, they think that person is typical of all Reiki practitioners, and often dismiss all Reiki as Reiki flakey.
  1. Our clients stop needing our services. Our clients get so much benefit, their lives improve so much, that they stop needing treatment. That is especially true for Reiki teachers, as students who practice daily self Reiki need less professional treatment.


Register now for immediate access to the video recording of the presentation and the follow-up coaching session, and downloadable audio of the presentation so you can listen on the go.

More than other professionals, Reiki professionals need to continually connect with potential clients (the strategies in Video ONE help with that).

As you see, we have a lot of communicating to do.

And we have to be skillful. No one applauds our Reiki soapbox.

Maybe you’ve done what I used to do, babble on with so much enthusiasm, all but foaming at the mouth about how wonderful Reiki practice is.

And as the person’s eyes glaze over, do you step back? Of course not. When we get self-conscious, we’re most likely to keep do what we’re doing — the same thing that’s not working — with increasing gusto.

There’s nothing quite like that feeling when you know you’re losing your audience, and you keep getting more frantic, until finally the person runs down the street.

I’m exaggerating, but you know exactly what I mean, don’t you? We have all been there, spouting enthusiasm that isn’t shared by the person we’re speaking to, because we forgot to speak to them.

Instead, we spoke at them.

Why I can help you

I now have a thriving Reiki practice in New York City and mentor Reiki professionals around the world. I wasn’t always so successful.

Like you, I started right where I was.

I was a single mom loving and caring for two young children in New York City, supporting my family as a mind-body health professional and meditation teacher in private practice.

It was easy to integrate Reiki practice into my work. I already had a relationship with my clients, so they were open to my suggestions.

I found Reiki practice so effective — and easy — that I quickly let go of most everything else I offered. Four years later, I became a Reiki master to further empower my clients in their self care.

A few years later, I was asked to create the first in-hospital Reiki program at Beth Israel Medical Center. That was a turning point in my work.

My mother, grandmother and sister were nurses, so I was familiar with conventional medical thinking. And I knew the usual way of presenting Reiki would not fly in medicine.

I had to rethink my presentation for doctors. If I didn’t find a way to make Reiki practice relevant to them, without compromising the practice, I knew the program wouldn’t last.

And truly, I was never comfortable with the way Reiki was usually presented, the way it was presented to me when I took First degree in 1986.

A friend had recently offered me a Reiki treatment. When she placed her hands on my head, I had the same sensations I experienced in a good meditation, or when receiving acupuncture, or other natural healing approaches.

I knew was my system reorganizing itself toward being healthier.

The sensations weren’t new to me, but Reiki practice itself was. I found it easy to love, and dedicated myself to daily self practice from the beginning.

I had been a practitioner of meditation and yoga for about 25 years, so I understood the importance of daily practice. I knew if I wanted the benefits of Reiki practice, I had to put in the time. And I did.

I still put in the time. Every day, hand to body. The combination of my years of daily spiritual practice, my relentless inquiry into what was actually happening during Reiki practice, and a colleague on staff at the hospital who practiced self Reiki helped me chart a way to help doctors see how Reiki could help their patients, their families, and even themselves.

In figuring out  how to present Reiki practice to doctors, I discovered how to make it relevant to anyone.

And who is anyone?

The mainstream public, people who are not part of the New Age community, people who don’t share our worldview. People who can’t relate to the usual Reiki introduction.

Your successful Reiki practice

Given the challenges I just mentioned, you might feel like the deck is stacked against you as a Reiki professional.

Most Reiki professionals don’t have business experience. They’re not a savvy marketers and they don’t have a budget for publicity.

That’s where I was. Plus I had a lot of attitude about business. I assumed I’d have to compromise my values to be successful in business. Compromising values has never been an option for me.

I also thought marketing was sleazy and repulsive, a very long four-letter word.

I was fortunate to have people around me who believed in me, and who were patient with me (I didn’t make it easy for them). They saw how much Reiki practice helped. Like me, they wanted to make that help available to more people. Unlike me, they had a lot of business success.

They helped me understand that good business is good relationship.

Good business means good relationships

That was HUGE for me because good relationship is one of my highest values. Good relationship is a priority for me.

I came to realize helping more people meant I got to create more good relationships (it’s still mind-boggling why that was such a revelation!). Relationships with groups of people became a natural extension of the relationships I cultivated so carefully with my clients.

And I came to realize that talking about Reiki practice is marketing. Marketing is literally an extension of the conversation I was already having with potential clients and students.

Yes, some businesses resort to sleazy marketing, but that doesn’t mean we have to, or that marketing itself is sleazy.

Marketing is communication, letting people know what you offer. When most people don’t know what you offer, communication is imperative. I realized I could market my business in a way that reflected my values. And that changed everything for me.

You can be a successful Reiki professional reaching more people, and still be yourself. In fact, you will become a better version of yourself because growing your business involves growing as a Reiki practitioner and as a person.

The good news is medicine is catching up with us. You are in a much easier situation than I was 20 years ago. There is increasing recognition that subtle healing practices can translate into HUGE HEALTH BENEFITS, and an emerging body of scientific evidence.

So you don’t have as big a hurdle as I did, and you don’t have to go through the anxiety and insecurity and uncertainty I went through as I grew my business.

Unlike me, you have a mentor.

I can share with you what I figured out, what I saw work. You can make it your own, and start moving things along in your life and your Reiki practice, feeling more competent, more qualified and showing up as a Reiki expert in your area in your community, a Reiki expert who is a respected relied upon resource for your community.

Learn from someone who has done it

How does that sound? Are you up for that? Are you ready to step forward and serve in that capacity?

If you are, please let me give you a leg up, and move more deeply into the work you love to do.

If you are willing to look again at the way you approach prospects, and tweak your approach a little, you can transform your business and connect with new clients more easily, which will transform your life, and enable you help more clients transform their lives.

This is not about selling Reiki practice.

This is about bringing Reiki practice to a higher level of recognition, acceptance and availability so it can help more people. When you learn how to present Reiki practice so it’s relevant to more people, more people will be interested, and more people will choose you and your services. MAKE SENSE?

This isn’t a get rich quick scheme. This approach is sensible, practical, and proven.

If you are a professional, you have to invest in your business. It was hard for me at first. And my business has grown every time I’ve invested in it.

I was surprised to learn that small business owners typically spend more time getting clients than serving their clients. That’s a reality of business today.

The tips I gave you in the first four videos alone will make a difference for you. They will move you into a larger pool of contacts, and will make those contacts more interested in what you have to say, and more likely to refer their friends. If you implement the tips, if you do the work, you will have results. For some of you, that will be enough.

Are you ready to fast track your growth?

And maybe you want to fast track. You want more Reiki clients sooner rather than later.

You need a simple system you can apply to any situation to connect better with people.

You don’t have a lot of time and you don’t want to pay a lot for it.

If that’s you, here’s an opportunity that fits your needs. This is the current version of a training I have been giving for 10 years, on several continents. This is the first time I’m offering it online so more thoughtful Reiki professionals can have more Reiki clients and help more people.

The Balance system truly is easy to learn and start using. After the first time you hear the presentation, you can transform your next Reiki conversation.


Register now for immediate access to the video recording of the presentation and the follow-up coaching session,
and downloadable audio of the presentation so you can listen on the go and start creating your path to more Reiki clients.


This is what you will get in the 4-Step Balance System for More Reiki Clients video training:

  • The 4 points you must cover to make every Reiki conversation productive
  • The mistakes you must avoid so you don’t sabotage your conversation
  • How to avoid those mistakes
  • How to recover if it’s too late to avoid making mistakes
  • How to apply this simply, easy to implement system to written materials and presentations
  • A handout to print and use to take notes and plan your own presentation
  • Video and audio recordings of the training to access as often as you want
  • Audio recording of a follow-up Q&A session.

Taking control

Taking this training means taking control of your professional practice, stepping into a new level of professionalism, in which you experience respect and confidence.

It also means understanding the Reiki marketing means skillful communication. There’s nothing negative about good communication. Clear Reiki marketing means you’ll more likely draw the clients that want what you have. That’s good for everyone.

It feels good to invest in yourself and your vision. It’s a vote of confidence in yourself and in your practice. You invest in yourself because you know you can help more Reiki clients and you are ready to make that happen.

Like your Reiki practice, the Balance System requires little effort, and brings fast improvement.

Like Reiki practice, the improvement keeps building with repeated practice.

I remember how good it felt when I started investing in myself as a professional, and in my business. It felt like a rite of passage, as if I were voting for Reiki practice, and for myself as a Reiki professional carrying the practice to more people. If you’re not willing to vote for yourself, how can you expect others to?

Are you ready to vote for yourself?

And what if you don’t…

This training will help you be more effective and more confident in all your Reiki communications with prospective clients.

If you don’t take the training, you know what’s ahead. Look at the state of your Reiki business and how you feel about yourself as a Reiki professional. You’ll have more of the same.

If you feel frustrated that you don’t have more clients, you’ll continue to feel frustrated. Your frustration will likely grow, and maybe turn into resentment.

If you feel like a failure, you’ll just keep feeling that way. How will you inspire confidence in potential clients when you feel like a failure?

If you think you don’t have time to change, consider how much time you are wasting by not making the changes needed to grow your business.

If you think you’re not good enough, you will find the training empowering. The steps are easy to implement and you will gain confidence.

If you think it would take too much money to grow your business, you’re kidding yourself.

I want to help as many Reiki professionals as possible get more Reiki clients, so I made the fee very reasonable. If I made it any lower, I would risk devaluing the training to those professionals who will make the best use of this – those who appreciate the value of professional development.

You know that if you want to change, you need to take action — smart, skillful action.

Investing in your professional training says, “I am not a failure; I just need to learn a few things, and I’m ready to do that. I’m ready to have more Reiki clients so I can help more people.”

What Reiki professionals are saying

John CurtinI’ve taught my students to have a highly tuned BS detector when evaluating spiritual content. Pamela passed the test with flying colours, as they all commented it was obvious she spoke from hands-on, personal experience, not just theory.
—John Curtin, founder, Fundación Sauce, Madrid

Arletha Garcia-GuzmanThank you for helping me better connect with others where they are and for helping me experience more clarity in my practice. I’ll never be the same.
— Arletha Garcia-Guzman

Barbara Hennessy ReikiThe clarity of Pamela’s teaching has been a touchstone for me as a Reiki practitioner working with patients and hospital staff.
— Barbara Hennessy

Hilary Furlong Reiki Health CarePamela provides precise, clear, and highly effective communication strategies you can immediately use in your clinical practice and in your conversations with family and friends about the benefits of Reiki.
— Hilary Furlong

Linda Almond NicholsYou are filling a much needed gap in the Reiki community.
— Linda Almond-Nichols

Lori KwasnickaPamela Miles has guided my Reiki practice since I met her in 2008, when I began taking her continuing education courses. I am a Reiki professional and Licensed Massage Therapist, and I was looking for professional career guidance…Regardless how long I practice, I continue to benefit from participating in her courses, webinars and presentations. I seize any opportunity to learn from her and appreciate the guidance she has given me.
— Lori Kwasnicka

Leticia Brotto MDYou are UNIQUE, amazing, and my Reiki-mentor when it comes to creating space for Reiki in medicine, Pamela! Thank you for everything!
— Leticia Brotto, MD

Time to decide

It’s time to choose what’s in your best interests. The questions to consider are:

  • Do you have time to do more of the work you love?
  • Do you have space in your life to help more Reiki clients?
  • Would that be a good thing not only for them, but also for you?

If your answers are yes, let’s get started.


Register now for immediate access to the video recording of the presentation and the follow-up coaching session,
and downloadable audio of the presentation so you can listen on the go.

After you complete your payment, you will be emailed membership instructions. As a site member, you will be able to access the video any time you want.

If you don’t receive an email within a few minutes, first check your junk/spam/promotions folders, then email me.

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