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Pamela Miles, Reiki Master
Many additional questions are addressed in articles on the blog. Start with How Does Reiki Help. Then take a look at the articles in the sidebar under various interest categories, or use the search function.

Email is the fastest way to reach me. I pick up emails even when I’m traveling, and usually respond within a day, often within hours, so please email if you can.

If you prefer to call rather than email, please know it’s unlikely you’ll receive a timely response. Even when I’m in New York City, it often takes several days to return phone calls, and when I’m traveling, it can be much longer as I’m usually out of town for at least a couple of weeks to months.

If you still prefer to leave a brief voicemail, please be sure to speak slowly when giving your phone number, and repeat it. If you don’t receive a call back, it’s because I couldn’t understand your number. That happens often when people call from the street, where there’s ambient noise or wind. If I can’t hear your phone number, I have no way to respond, another reason I encourage you to email instead.


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