Welcome to the Reiki Excelerator, an online Reiki continuing education platform where you can uplevel your Reiki professional practice and grow your business so you can help more people. Here's where you'll learn practical skills from Pamela Miles, a Reiki professional since 1986, so you can develop faster.

Pamela Miles of Reiki, Self Care and Medicine

“In Reiki Professional Academy, I share what I’ve learned during more than three decades of professional practice so you can reach more people faster and build public awareness of Reiki practice and your services.” - Pamela Miles

What is Reiki Professional Academy?

Reiki Professional Academy is your personal Reiki Excelerator, your online home base for honing your professional skills through continuing education chosen according to where you want help.

As a Reiki professional, you’re paid for your Reiki services — sessions and/or classes. And as a Reiki professional, you’re a public face of Reiki practice.

Of course you want to excel, to be the best, most credible Reiki professional you can be, so you can grow your practice and help more people. 

After all, isn’t helping people why you became a Reiki professional?

The good news is there’s no end to excelling, no limit on how “best” you can be! And there’s no competition. Clearly only you can be the best Reiki professional you can be.

I am constantly inspired by your passion and clarity. Thank you for what you do. You help me do what I do better. - Lori-Lyn Hurley, Reiki Master

Why Study with Me?

I’ve been a Reiki professional for more than 30 years, with an international practice based in New York City.

I began working in conventional health care as a lay Reiki master in the mid-1990s and have taught Reiki to NY Presbyterian-Columbia hospital staff, and at Yale and Einstein medical schools, presented Reiki to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and Harvard Medical School, collaborated on medical research, and published peer-reviewed medical papers.

In Reiki Professional Academy, I share what I’ve learned during more than three decades of professional Reiki practice so you can reach more people faster and build public awareness of Reiki practice.

Choose only those trainings that meet your individual needs

Each training addresses a vital area of professional practice, and there are likely a few that will help you in exactly the areas you want to strengthen. You don’t need to commit to the entire training series, just chose the ones that offer the particular support you need. The trainings range between 75 minutes and several hours in length.

All trainings are recorded so you can review the material as often as you want, whenever you want. No downloads needed; the trainings will stream to your device, so you can learn at your own pace and review as much as you like. Practitioners find their understanding deepens as they put the content into practice.

Pamela Miles presenting at Rochester Regional Health System

Reiki Professional Academy recorded trainings currently available:

Please note: these trainings are meant to augment but not replace mentoring from an experienced Reiki master. Reiki professional practice carries ethical responsibilities students cannot anticipate on their own. If you are training to become a Reiki professional, please find mentoring from a qualified Reiki professional you respect.

Reiki, Medicine and Self Care with Pamela Miles, Favicon

You are such a help to me. Because of your deep Reiki connection, you are clear and simple when you speak, yet what you speak about is profound. - Andrea Thigpen

Possible Future Reiki Professional Academy Trainings

Your Reiki Clinical Skills with Pamela Miles

Reiki Clinical Skills

How to Organize a Reiki Clinic with Pamela Miles

How to Organize a Reiki Share or Clinic

How to Teach Reiki to Children with Pamela Miles

How to Teach Reiki to Children

Diversity and Lineage with Pamela Miles

Reiki Diversity and Lineage

How to Hold a Second Degree Reiki Class with Pamela Miles

How to Teach Second Degree Reiki

Is there another professional topic you would like discussed? Please email me your request.

Develop your Reiki practice with the 
Mainstreaming Reiki Audio Series

The Mainstreaming Reiki Audio Series discusses questions key to Reiki practice and is helpful for Reiki home practitioners and professionals who want to go deeper and get clearer. Choose a single topic of interest or save with the bundle. You can download the recordings immediately after purchase to your computer or device.

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