Most people like chocolate, many are passionate about it, but few people know it.

Did you know, for instance, that cacao (chocolate’s source) is a vegetable? Or that cacao has the highest known antioxidant rating of any food?

Chocolate was prized by the South American natives for its healing properties, many of which have been validated by science. Medical research has linked cacao with:

  • improved heart health (reduced blood pressure, reduced cholesterol, reduced arteriosclerosis),
  • reduced insulin resistance (helps to reverse or prevent diabetes 2),
  • reduced oxidative stress related to exercise (leading to faster recovery),
  • enhanced neuroendocrine balance, and
  • inhibition of the complex processes that lead to the development of various forms of cancer.

Eating healthy chocolate is a powerful element of your plan to live longer, and live well. Unfortunately, the chocolate that is so healthy for you is not what’s on the candy shelves of your local supermarket.

But that doesn’t mean it’s not available.

Take a look at Ritual Chocolate and see if this fine company meets your needs for bar and drinking chocolate.

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