Write ReikiHow many times have you hit an impasse when talking about Reiki, and been quickly dismissed as if you were a fool? How did that feel?

It’s so frustrating. Even though you knew you could help, the person wouldn’t even consider what you have to offer. There you were, holding the precious key that could improve their pain, anxiety, insomnia, digestive distress, etc. — but you couldn’t make the connection.

Did you walk away feeling like you completely blew it?

If you’re like me, you have. Many times.

It feels terrible when your attempts to help — and you — are dismissed without consideration, without respect.

It gets worse.

Imagine it’s five years from now, and you’re still getting the same response — no response — or worse. Derision.

If you’re a Reiki professional, new clients are few and far between. You get low signups for your classes – or no signups.

Cynthia Morris Writing Illuminates

Your bills pile up, you’re unable to take vacations or take care of yourself in a way consistent with your values. Or you’re stuck in a job that drains you because you can’t support yourself and your family doing the work you love. The work you know you are here to do.

Doesn’t it upset you to have a practice that could so easily help so many people, but you can’t get past the first conversation? Has it ever made you wonder, “What is wrong with me?”

Good news.

There’s nothing wrong with you. And, you could communicate better. COMMUNICATE REIKI is the program where you can discover how.

I know, because I once struggled as you now struggle, trying to share the practice I love so I could help people. What I said about Reiki practice didn’t always click with others.

Until I started working in hospitals and figured out a better way, which led to collaborations with top academic medical centers.


How doctors taught me to communicate better

It was the early days of the AIDS epidemic in New York City, before the advent of the pharmaceuticals that now help people continue living, a time when an AIDS diagnosis felt like a death sentence, and usually was.

I taught people who were HIV+ to practice self Reiki at Gay Men’s Health Crisis (GMHC) here in New York City. Infectious disease doctors around the city heard of my work from patients I’d taught, patients who were faring far better than the norm.


Those doctors cared about their patients and wanted to help, but at that time, conventional medical options were very limited. Seeing that some of their patients did better than most, some doctors became interested in what help was available outside conventional medicine. I was invited to create the first hospital Reiki program.

I was shy to move into hospital work, concerned about being an outsider, and reluctant to address the medical establishment with something I knew was so far outside their paradigm. I was at a loss where to start.

But I couldn’t resist the opportunity to help relieve so much suffering.

I remember my first Reiki presentation at the hospital. My knees were knocking and I felt totally intimidated. I included a brief experience of Reiki touch.

Soon after, one of the doctors signed up for my First Degree Reiki class. In the safety of a private conversation, he admitted those few minutes of Reiki touch relieved his migraine.

I thought I already knew how important it was to give people a chance to experience Reiki, but that doctor drove the point home. I now understood the goal of talking about Reiki was simply to get the doctors to be interested — or at least willing — to have a direct experience. But how?

I decided to let the doctors teach me how to communicate Reiki practice to them, realizing that was also a good way to bring Reiki practice to a mainstream audience, where people who are suffering and want the benefits but aren’t aware of Reiki practice.

The result was transformative

Opening to learn from my medical colleagues was a pivotal moment.

I went from struggling to build my business, to being the leading advocate for Reiki practice in conventional medicine and to the mainstream public; invited to write papers for peer-reviewed medical journals; teaching at prestigious academic medical centers and schools, including Harvard, Yale, and the National Institutes of Health (NIH); creating more hospital Reiki programs; and writing REIKI: A Comprehensive Guide, published by Penguin Books.

I now have a thriving private practice in NYC and travel the world helping Reiki professionals like you help more people by communicating Reiki more effectively. And what I’ve accomplished in health care opened the door for presenting Reiki to businesses such as Unilever and Google.

I share those milestones with you so you know it’s possible for you to rewrite your approach using the process I’m offering you, a process that includes strategies proven to work with the most critical listeners — doctors.

Cynthia MorrisCommunicate differently, get different results

I struggled through my transformation, but you don’t have to. Many people helped me, especially the doctors I trained, but I didn’t have a Reiki professional who could mentor me directly.

You do.

My simple approach enables you to avoid the rejection you’ve experienced so many times — too many times — so you, and Reiki practice, will no longer be marginalized. You can become comfortable sharing your practice with family and friends, and — if you’re a Reiki professional — with people who’ll want to become your clients.

Your confidence communicating Reiki will help you help those you love and build your business. Then you can devote yourself to relieving suffering and improving the world by doing the work you love, the work you know you’re meant to do.

Better communication, better practice

You’ll learn a simple, effective practice I developed called Reiki free-writing, which is simply writing freely after practicing self Reiki. I’ll send you daily prompts that guide you on a path of self-inquiry to discover your golden content, your own unique Reiki experience, insight, and wisdom.

And you’ll explore how to shape your golden content so it communicates to other people, how to find the universal in the very personal.

Self-expression is all about you. It’s purpose isn’t to communicate, it’s to release and give voice to your inner experience.

Communication is different. It’s all about packaging what you want to say — your unique self expression and understanding — in words you choose for their ability to land gently and meaningfully in someone else’s heart.

COMMUNICATE REIKI explores the distinction between pure self-expression and communication, reaching people outside our immediate circle.

Here’s an example. When I first worked in hospital, I referred to the medicine practiced there as “allopathic medicine.” The social worker mentioned that doctors don’t use that term. Doctors say, “biomedicine.”

I hadn’t meant to offend anyone, I just didn’t know doctors heard “allopathic” as a put-down from alternative medicine types. Clearly doctors weren’t going to magically morph into allies if they thought I were putting them down. I immediately switched to “biomedicine.”

Using the term doctors use for their medicine made a huge difference. In the same way that locals appreciate visitors saying “hello” and “thank you” in their native language (no matter how bad your accent!), adopting some words from the language doctors use among themselves created a bridge between our cultures. That helped me begin to understand what their work is like, what their needs are, without appearing critical or self-righteous.

Exploring and learning with ease

Cynthia Morris AnswersEase is built into COMMUNICATE REIKI. If you’ve taken WRITE REIKI, you’ll recognize the soft structure and support you enjoyed in that program. If you’re new to this format, Welcome! You’re going to love it.

In this program, you have a balance of enough structure so there’s always something you can do or read, and the ability to engage at your own pace. Yes, even if you’re not able to Reiki free-write every day, you’ll still be able to complete the program. I add bonus days at the end to give you ease.

Throughout our time together, I’ll share short articles I’ve written specifically for this program to help you get the most from your Reiki free-writing experience. You’ll learn to shape your unique insights into words that carry your unique voice, and communicate to others.

The articles are short enough that you have time to read them. They build on your own exploration and offer information and perspective gleaned from three decades as a Reiki professional. In bite-sized pieces you can digest.

We also have 2 optional live and recorded online calls during the program to discuss your questions about Reiki free-writing, your program experience, or content from the articles.


Your daily Communicate Reiki practice

  • Reiki self practice to settle into your heart
  • Heart-write with the prompt (up to 15 minutes, shorter when needed)
  • Jot down 3 words that describe that day’s Reiki heart-write experience

So simple, right? Any time after you finish practice, stop by our private Writers Have to share your experience, read what others have shared, and read articles written exclusively for this program, not shared anywhere else.

24/7 exclusive Writers Haven just for us!

Our exclusive online Writers Haven is open to you 24/7, so you can expand your experience any time you have time, according to your own schedule in your time zone. Whenever it’s convenient, as often as you like, just pop in and:

  • share your 3 words describing today’s heart-write experience
  • leave a comment about today’s experience, the insights you’re getting (not your actual heart-write, which is just for you!)
  • read articles written especially for this program, not available anywhere else
  • peruse comments shared by your co-writers so you benefit from their experience
  • read my responses to comments, yours and your co-writers.

Stop by our Writers Haven any time you have time, and as often as you like. Think of it as your spiritual Facebook, without all the clutter. It’s your online spiritual community.

I’m in our Writers Haven many times each day to offer support and respond to your questions, which you can also ask in our 2 optional live (and recorded) online Q&A calls where you can meet your co-writers.

The logical next step

If you love your Reiki practice and want to share it with others, COMMUNICATE REIKI is your logical next step. You’ll go deeper into your own Reiki experience, and explore the distinction between pure self-expression and effective communication — learning how to bring what you know to others, so more people can benefit.

COMMUNICATE REIKI is a lab in which you learn to express your experience and insight in ways that communicate effectively, without losing your unique voice.

This program keeps you softly on the edge of your next frontier, continually deepening and growing your awareness, with as much support as you ask for. You’ll finish the program filled to the brim, and confident you can keep growing with your practice.

What stops you?

COMMUNICATE REIKI can help you be more successful when you present Reiki practice in person or in writing no matter what obstacle you’re addressing — even if you haven’t yet identified what’s getting in your way. In fact, the program will help you recognize where you want to make tweaks.

Do you relate to any of these?

  • Some practitioners are so enthusiastic, they speak loosely, off the cuff, and get upset when others misunderstand. COMMUNICATE You Always Have Time to Write Cynthia MorrisREIKI can help.
  • Some practitioners don’t know the depths of their own understanding, and get frustrated when people ask questions they haven’t thought of. COMMUNICATE REIKI can help.
  • Some practitioners don’t yet have enough perspective on their words to realize how it sounds to people who are total beginners, and then wonder why they’re not inspiring confidence. COMMUNICATE REIKI can help.
  • Some practitioners’ feelings get hurt when others ask questions; somehow it feels like a personal attack. COMMUNICATE REIKI can help.
  • Some practitioners are such perfectionists they cannot get started on their own. You guessed it — COMMUNICATE REIKI can help!

COMMUNICATE REIKI is a safe environment where you Reiki free-write your way to clarity and ease, gently discovering your unique golden content, recognizing what’s sabotaging your attempts to communicate, and choosing the tweaks you want to make, through supported, daily exploration on your schedule, in the privacy of your own home, with the support of an accomplished Reiki master and an international community of Reiki practitioners.

Your respect for your practice and your confidence will grow as you discover understanding you didn’t know you had. Most important, you’ll come to appreciate how much you have to offer, and learn how to discuss Reiki so more people see the value.

What more do you want?

People like you have found benefits 

Here are the benefits others have gotten from WRITE REIKI and COMMUNICATE REIKI:

Laura Cassano Reiki PractitionerI’m really glad I signed up — it’s already turning out to be an enlightening journey of discovery and self awareness.
— Lorna Cassano

This daily free writing is showing me depths to my Reiki experience and Reiki practice that I did not know existed. Every day I can’t wait for the adventure. Each day I am uncovering and discovering insights, perspectives, sometimes frustrations and doubts, curiosity, and wonderings on a personal level; and then I receive daily gifts from all of you, in this community of Reiki writers, and from Pamela. I’m loving being here!
Marion Werner

Geraldine Brown Reiki practitionerSomething magical is happening with these prompts! I am learning so many things about myself, diving deep into my memories and my subconscious, accessing my inner wisdom and finding gems and pearls to be polished and honed. I am genuinely surprised at it all.
Geraldine Brown

At times it feels as though I’m a deer caught in the headlights…as though there is only one answer and I’d better get it right. I’m so grateful to put those fears to rest with the daily free writing. I’m gaining clarity on separating out my personal feelings and experiences from the practice itself.
Paula Casey Githens

Rashiah Elam Reiki doctorI have a newfound awareness of the stories I tell. Writing for me has changed from a previously mental/physical task to a creative and expressive process. Thank you for your time, feedback and wisdom.
Rashiah Elam

Today I am realizing how wonderfully useful it is to have a safe place to write. There is a new freedom in producing words that is thrilling for me.
— Niki Berg

Constadina VasiliadesWords can not describe the gratitude for you creating these programs, and confidence they have given me when writing and talking about Reiki.
— Constadina Vasiliades

After I read what I write, I feel like I have given myself the gift of stopping to pay attention and listen to how I am really feeling.
Tracey Sims

Reiki practiceI am starting to feel a flowing in my writing, an impulse that is beyond expectations, anticipation and fear. Writing from the heart, NOT the head. Big difference. Big change. So grateful for your encouragement, Pamela!
Jana Castellano

Results you long for

Your ability to communicate Reiki will enable you to do what your heart longs to do, to help others relieve their suffering and find happiness.

If you are a Reiki professional, your ability to communicate will help establish you as an expert in your field, someone who is credible, knowledgeable and worthy of clients’ trust, someone people are drawn to when they need help.

If you want to have more of an impact, you need to make a few changes. COMMUNICATE REIKI makes those changes as easy as possible so you can get the results you want.

If you just keep wishing and hoping things will change, you know what lies ahead.

Of course it’s your choice.

And please consider this: the growth you create benefits not only you, but all of us. We need you to make a difference in this world of ours.

Program description

This is what you’ll receive as part of our COMMUNICATE REIKI community:

  • 2 weeks of daily COMMUNICATE REIKI support emails
  • 2 weeks of daily prompts and blessings to start your Reiki free-writes
  • exclusive articles available only in COMMUNICATE REIKI that deepen your understanding of communication and share tips to help you reach more people
  • as much coaching as you want from a Reiki master practicing Reiki personally and professionally since 1986, someone who specializes in getting the attention of doctors and other skeptics, in a good way (me!)
  • an exclusive, protected online Writers Haven just for our COMMUNICATE REIKI tribe
  • 2 optional hour-long live interactive Q&A online calls
  • daily interaction with other COMMUNICATE REIKI members, as you choose
  • additional grace period after the daily emails so you can make up any days you missed (it happens) or just keep writing!

What’s my investment?

How much will it cost for you to join the COMMUNICATE REIKI community? Let’s first consider how much it will cost you not to.

What will it cost your self-esteem if you continue to be unable to communicate Reiki practice in a way that attracts others?

What will it cost you not to pursue your dream of supporting yourself and your family by doing the work you love and were born to do? Work that relieves suffering and is so needed in today’s world?

If you don’t learn to communicate effectively, how will Reiki practice be carried into the future, to help your children, and their children?

What will it cost you if you want to but aren’t able to leave your day job — or you have to go back to your day job — because you’re not making enough money to cover expenses and provide for your future?

Those costs make the investment in this program almost insignificant.

COMMUNICATE REIKI can be done in your busy life exactly as it is now, bringing the change and benefits you seek without major inconvenience or cost.

How many new clients would cover the program investment?

What is it worth to you to:

  • speak about Reiki practice with confidence and clarity so you help more people and never feel marginalized again
  • know you can comfortably, genuinely inspire new clients to work with you
  • hone your Reiki communication skills at a time each day that’s most convenient for you
  • experience the support of others like yourself who love Reiki practice and long to help people and relieve suffering
  • be part of an international community of Reiki practitioners who want to make our world a better place
  • find a depth to your personal Reiki practice you hadn’t known before
  • experience more profound self love, acceptance and confidence.

Is COMMUNICATE REIKI right for you?

This program isn’t right for you if you think things will magically change without any effort on your part.

To create the change you want, so people respond well when you speak about Reiki, so you can help more people and build your business, you need to do something different. COMMUNICATE REIKI guides you as you finally make the change you’ve been wanting to make. It’s time.

Caren Myers Reiki practitionerEven though I couldn’t spend as much time on this program as I wanted to, it has done a lot for me. I looked at Reiki in different ways and writing each day reminded me to do my self-practice. It kept Reiki in the forefront of my thoughts during a stressful time in my life. I am glad I signed up.
Caren Myers

Please note.

Once you have given your information, you’ll be taken to a page with details. No worries if you miss that — watch for an email in your inbox. Be sure to check you junk/spam/bulk folder and contact Cori assistant@ReikiInMedicine.org if you need any technical help. And be sure to add us to your Safe Senders list.

Our protected Writers Haven will be open for you to register onsite (after registering for the program) a day or two before the program begins. We’ll email an announcement to the email address you use to sign up below. Email Cori if you want us to use a different email than the one you used to pay for the program.

Please note, COMMUNICATE REIKI is open to Reiki practitioners from any lineage or practice style, at any level.

Have you already been through COMMUNICATE REIKI and want to review and go deeper? Email Cori for your repeaters discount code to take $100 off the fee after you put the program in your cart.

I look forward to seeing you in our Writers’ Haven soon.


February 17 – March 2
(plus bonus days)
Full program fee only $249


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