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Many people would be interested in Reiki practice if only they knew about it, if it were expressed in ways that were comfortable and relevant to them.

Reiki practitioners–both home practitioners and Reiki professionals–are often so immersed in the practice that they don’t realize how off-putting their Reiki communication is. They jump to the conclusion that friends and family aren’t interested in Reiki, when really they just haven’t heard anything that appeals to them.

The Mainstreaming Reiki audio recordings help you overcome that communication gap so you can express Reiki practice in ways to make sense to mainstream culture, your friends, family, your doctor, and if you are a Reiki professional, to potential clients and referral sources.

After all, Reiki practice is non-invasive, low-risk, non-pharmacologic, low-cost (especially compared to medical costs), and helps people feel better quickly. Who wouldn’t be interested?

So why isn’t it more widely available? Because Reiki practitioners understandably have a hard time speaking to the public’s interest.

I’ve only listened to half your podcast and I’ve already reaped benefits.
Denise Gilbert

Communication is the key to bringing anything new to the mainstream public.

And that’s something you likely need help with. The Mainstreaming Reiki audio recordings give you that help by taking you deeper into your understanding to help you clarify your communication.

Reiki is easy to practice, and hard to talk about credibly. You know this. How many times have you started to share about your Reiki practice — personally or professional — and you were unable to get your message across?

We’ve all been there, and there are many reasons why you can hit a wall when you share your enthusiasm for Reiki. Even the most in-depth Reiki training is focused on how to practice Reiki — as it should be — and not on how to communicate Reiki practice.

I have been collaborating in conventional medicine for twenty-plus years. The doctors who invited me to create the first hospital Reiki program in the infectious disease clinic at Beth Israel Medical Center were already interested in Reiki practice because they had seen their patients (my students) benefit.

Even though their attitude towards Reiki practice was positive, those doctors still needed me to present Reiki practice credibly.

Having been a student of yoga and meditation for nearly 25 years before learning to practice Reiki in 1986, I was not drawn to the New Age jargon that was already creeping in to Reiki practice, but presenting to doctors in the 1990s required more than avoiding New Age mythology. I had to find the overlap between Reiki practice and conventional medicine — what goals and values they shared — and painstakingly build from there.

Now, more than two decades later, I have a proven track record, and an acute awareness of the weak points in most Reiki presentations. I’ve created a series of talks to address various aspects of Reiki practice, and I offer them to you in the Mainstreaming Reiki audio recordings.

If you are tired of feeling under-valued as a Reiki practitioner, and ready to represent your practice with greater clarity, the Mainstreaming Reiki series is what you’ve been looking for.

How to Explain It » Where’s the Proof? » Is Reiki Safe? » What is Spirituality? » Professional Readiness » Mainstreaming Reiki Bundle »

The Mainstreaming Reiki audio recordings give credible information, strategy and perspective to help Reiki practitioners bring the practice to the mainstream public and into conventional health care, so we can help more people.

Each recording is stand-alone content. You do not need to listen to the recordings in any particular order.

Mainstreaming Reiki audio Your online offerings just keep getting better. I feel privileged that you have chosen to share these intimate yet universal insights with the Reiki community.
— Tina Reilhan, Reiki master teacher


Check out these recordings to take your Reiki practice to the next level!

Mainstreaming Reiki Healing

Reiki healingI’ve heard so many Reiki healing stories, and I’ve enjoyed each one (I’ve especially enjoyed the short ones when the storyteller stays on point and doesn’t ramble).

Each Reiki story is a unique telling of one of two possible plot lines, either this one:

Sally was living her life.

Sally came upon Reiki.

Sally’s sense of self and experience of life improved.

Or this one:

Jack was living his life.

Jack started having a problem.

Jack searched for help.

Jack connected with Reiki practice.

Jack started feeling better and more confident, knowing he had an effective practice to help himself, no matter what happened or what else was needed.

Emerging Reiki Narratives

Those have been the Reiki healing narratives for years. Then recently, two other narratives started showing up. Here’s one:

Carol was hospitalized for a serious medical problem.

Carol was offered a Reiki treatment in her hospital bed through the facility’s Reiki program.

Carol felt relief from her symptoms and distress (relief often includes sleeping and moving the bowels).

Here’s the other:

Sam was a nurse working 12-hour days.

Sam was pushing back at a devitalizing sense of burnout.

Sam’s hospital offered Reiki training to staff for self-care and patient care.

Sam felt revitalized, and his interactions with patients and co-workers became smoother and more satisfying.

Mainstream health care serves the mainstream public

Yes, the second two narratives could be seen as versions of the first two, but that would mean ignoring a powerful force that is bringing Reiki practice to the mainstream public: conventional health care.

It’s critical that the process of mainstreaming Reiki not be left in the hands of the fine people who work in conventional health care. Reiki practice is not their prime expertise; their professional lives are focused elsewhere.

It makes more sense for us to develop the professionals skills to collaborate effectively in mainstream venues, whether health care, government, corporations, or local public events.

Don’t you want to participate in the mainstreaming of Reiki practice? We can do it, and I can help you get started.

Skills for mainstreaming Reiki practice

It doesn’t matter what your lineage is, or the details of how you practice (within reason). Of course it’s possible you might trip over a detail on your way to the mainstream public, but you’ll figure out if that’s happening.

We can bring Reiki practice to the mainstream without compromising the practice. I can help you:

  • refine your understanding and communication skills so you can comfortably field any Reiki question asked of you
  • present Reiki so clearly and comfortably that more people say, “Yes, I’ll try that.”
  • connect with other Reiki practitioners who want Reiki practice to become, in Mrs. Takata’s words, “as common as aspirin.”

Reiki practice is becoming mainstream. That is happening. Please step forward and engage in this development. Be a co-creator of the future of Reiki practice.

Mainstream Reiki resources

Below are resources to help you bring Reiki practice to the mainstream public:

My award-winning ReikiCentral blog (that’s what you’re reading). Look particularly at the Communicating Reiki and Clinical Practice categories.

My award-winning book REIKI: A Comprehensive Guide, has several chapters on Reiki practice in conventional medicine, and one on mainstream family life.

The Reiki Best Practices Recorded Trainings are targeted, in-depth, professional level trainings you can access on your computer and review at your convenience:

Introduction to Medical Reiki
7 Steps to Successful Public Reiki Events

Your Reiki Website

And my MAINSTREAMING REIKI recordings.

Truly, there is something above to serve everyone’s interest level and need.


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6 thoughts on “Mainstreaming Reiki Healing”

  1. I too have had the good fortune of attending Pamela’s “Medical Reiki” class. It was a real turning point in my Reiki practice and training. The class greatly improved my ability to answer questions about Reiki and the related benefits. I incorporated her techniques into a presentation that I give to clinicians which has since been approved for 1.0 hour CEU credit for nursing professionals. I’ve been able to demystify and credibly represent Reiki thanks to Pamela!

  2. I am a licensed massage therapist and Reiki practitioner, already working in a medical office, as well as seeing patients at a hospital, so I was immediately interested in Pamela’s classes. The “Intro to Medical Reiki” class was so valuable for me. I work with health care professionals and it is important to maintain professional credibility with all the modalities I practice. She has enabled me to communicate more effectively, and my massage clients are more open to trying Reiki when they are experiencing anxiety, stress, headaches, nausea, etc. I offer it as an option in addition to massage therapy, and often we agree to start with Reiki (usually for the first half hour). When it’s time to turn over they often decide to continue with Reiki instead of switching to massage.

    It has been so valuable learning to “keep it simple” when explaining Reiki. I was also fortunate to complete Pamela’s Hospital Internship program, offering Reiki to patients. Having to introduce and briefly explain Reiki to patients each day was valuable training. The staff witnessed the difference it made for the patients and would often recommend Reiki to help them feel better.

    Her classes are so helpful, whether you are practicing professionally, or want to be able to explain Reiki more effectively to family and friends.

  3. I have followed Pamela’s dedicated and informative online efforts to help Reiki gain the credibility it deserves for a while now, and I have jumped at the opportunity to attend her ‘Reiki in Medicine’ training seminar in London last autumn. Her inside knowledge of the medical profession combined with her capacity for critical thinking and asking probing questions and tireless efforts to bring Reiki practitioners up to speed with the needs of the medical professions make her an invaluable asset to the global Reiki community. Even if our perspectives on Reiki slightly differ at times I find that Pamela’s thoughts are always worth hearing and I believe that anyone who is serious about bringing Reiki into the medical professions would do well to engage with Pamela’s teaching materials.

  4. Shortly before starting a Reiki internship at a major hospital, I took Pamela’s Reiki and Medicine course. I was excited to bring my practice into a conventional health-care setting but feeling a bit unsure about what I would say and do once I got there. How would I explain Reiki to patients who had never heard of it? How would I answer all their questions about it? What would I say to the doctors and nurses if they asked about what I was doing?

    The class gave me just what I needed. I learned what research has — and, just as important, has not yet — shown about Reiki’s benefits, received coaching in formulating my own clear and concise definition of Reiki, and had the opportunity to practice speaking about it. The class gave me the foundation I needed for practicing in the hospital, and has continued to serve me well ever since in my communications with private clients and the general public.

  5. I started giving Reiki treatment to the wounded soldiers and their families in 2009. Reiki practitioners who were part of our program, myself included, would get lost in explanations how Reiki works. We all meant well, and we all had a different explanation. It often turned people away.

    In May 2010 I took Pamela’s Medical Reiki seminar. It radically changed my way of communicating Reiki, and I have to say that am finally reaching people outside of the Reiki community. I have learnt how to focus on the benefits of Reiki treatment versus trying to explain how it works. Most importantly, I learnt that “science does not yet know what the mechanism of action is with reiki”. I do not have to explain, or as Pamela said in her newsletter the other day, I can be comfortable with the “not knowing”.

    I am now coordinating a reiki program at the Warrior Transition Barracks of two military installations. The response has been very positive. We often get statements like, “I feel more peaceful in my mind”, after the reiki treatment, and we see reduced stress and pain.

    I think that in order to take reiki treatment from outpatient settings inside hospitals, we have to stay within a certain scope of practice. We have to convince hospital administrators and medical professionals that Reiki is non-interventional (and just like meditation carries no risk), and that Reiki practitioners do not need credentials.

    They will only believe us if we have a non-doing approach. Our Reiki self-care practice allows us to offer a healing space for another person. We do not need to address symptoms or diseases, neither physically nor energetically. We simply follow Hawayo Takata’s advice of, “hands on, reiki on, hands off, reiki off”, and let the Reiki treatment speak for itself.

    We do not give Reiki practice credibility if we become trained as a massage therapist, nurse, CNA etc., simply because of the credentials. Massage therapists and nurses have a completely different scope of practice.

    Thank you, Pamela. Your website and blog have been a source of continuing education and mentoring for me.

    1. It’s my great pleasure, Christine. I am so happy to know that the class has enhanced your ability to do the great work you were doing, and I look forward to hearing how your practice expands in the future.

      Anyone interested in the article Christine mentioned from the current ReikiUpdate can click here to sign up for a free subscription. I never share your information with anyone, and each of the monthly emails has an instant unsubscribe button at the bottom.

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