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The information offered on the webinar is for educational purposes only, and is not meant as a replacement for a medical consult with your physician or nurse practitioner, nor is it meant to in any way discourage you from seeking conventional medical care as needed. Please be sensible and take good care of yourself.

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For your convenience, here are links to the experts who shared tips for the webinar, and for specific products discussed.

If you would like to learn to practice Reiki self-care, click here to learn how to identify a qualified teacher and class in your area.

The Three Season Diet: Eat the Way Nature Intended by John Douillard.

David Crow, founder of Floracopeia and author of In Search of the Medicine Buddha and Sacred Smoke, wrote a guest post on this topic, Aromatherapy for Flu and Colds.
Also think of Bergamot as a holistic antidepressant when sunlight is hard to find.

Annemarie Colbin, Ph.D., author of Food and Healing, is founder and CEO of the Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts.

Elena Brower is the founder of Virayoga in NYC and the author of Art of Attention.

David Winston, herbalist and founder of Herbalists and Alchemists, suggests these botanical products for immune support and flu recovery (Andrographis or echinacea), available in stores and from their website:
Immune Adapt
VX Immune Support
Ultimate Echinacea Special with Free Herbal Throat Spray
Healthy Kids Compound glycerite formula

If you want to avoid the alcohol in tinctures, look at the glycerites.

Here are two Ayurvedic products to ease throat symptoms: Throat EZ and TurMagik.

Pam Montgomery is an herbal and plant spirit healing practitioner, and creator of Essences for protection.

Organic India Tulsi Tea

In Pursuit of Tea
Jasmine Pearls
Herbal infusions such as chamomile, mint or lavender mint

Karen Rauch Carter, feng shui expert and author of Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life.

Go to Banyan Botanicals for an Ayurvedic self-assessment survey and ginger powder for the bath.

Conventional medical information on the flu is available from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

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