Reiki Timer by Pamela Miles

As a Reiki professional since 1986, I’m always encouraging Reiki students to practice regularly so you can feel better no matter what challenges you might be facing.

I know an easy-to-use, easy-to-customize Reiki timer makes it easier to practice on yourself—most important!—as well as on family and friends. And it’s a huge support for teachers holding classes and events.

I couldn’t find a timer with the ease and customization needed to inspire people to practice, so I designed this one to be the Timer of your Dreams!

It’s so easy to set up and you can change your settings in seconds. And one of my favorite features—your phone stays open while the timer is in use, so you don’t have to worry about the timer shutting off when your screen closes.

This is the Reiki timer you’ll use for your daily self practice, for sharing treatments with a friend or in a Reiki circle, and for group practice when teaching a class or leading a Reiki clinic or circle.

In just moments you can fully customize each session. You can even choose to practice in silence (my favorite), or with bansuri or shakuhachi flute, played by master flutist Steve Gorn.

The countdown appears as a large, easy-to-see visual so you can know at a glance how much time is left in each interval.
It also tells you which interval you’re on–so helpful when you’ve dozed off while practicing!

A single chime marks the end of each interval. The slightly louder cascade of 3 chimes marks the end of your session, helpful if you’ve dozed off and missed a chime or two.

How to Use Your New Reiki Timer

To get started, simply touch Settings, then:
• Choose a prelude long enough so you have time to get comfortable before the timer starts.
• Choose how many hand placement intervals you want.
• Choose how long you want the intervals to be.
• Choose your music option.

The timer stores your settings until you change them, which you can do easily in a few moments.

That means you can quickly switch between a full practice and a shorter, modified practice. Who knows? Maybe you’ll choose a mid-afternoon Reiki “nap” on the couch instead of another coffee!

HELPFUL HINT: If you enable notifications, you’ll get a message even if the timer isn’t showing on your screen. Be sure to respond “yes” to both questions.

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