Reiki and Ayurveda

Prashanti De Jager is an expert on yoga and Ayurveda, the ancient traditional healing system of India, and the author of Turmeric: The Ayurvedic Spice of Life. Ayurveda offers profound context and practical supports for spiritual practices such as Reiki, meditation, and yoga, as well as traditional healing arts, including ways to skillfully manage yourself while giving initiations and treatments.

Click here to download the recording of my conversation with Prashanti. If the file doesn’t open automatically, double click it in your download folder.

Organic India offers high quality Ayurvedic products and has sustainable business practices. Click here and look particularly at triphala, a tridoshic adaptogen that is widely used and applicable for all constitutions.


  • Panch Maha Bhuta = Five Great Elements
  • Panch Kosha = Five Bodies
  • Adaptogen = an herb that increases systemic resilience to any kind of stress and supports systemic homeostasis.
  • Shakti = power, goddess, energy, principle
  • Diksha = to consecrate, dedicate, initiate one’s self
  • Puja = to honour , worship , revere , respect , regard, to initiate
  • Pravish = to inititiate, to enter, go into, resort to, to take possession of the heart
  • Shaktipat = To allow the Shakti to master, kindle, to fly, to soar
  • Vak = Saraswati, speech, truth, creative emerging shakti aligned with true Fullness.


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