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No one lives by daily self-Reiki practice alone, and you likely need more support than you’re getting. 

I started sharing my most recommended products here after seeing so many clients spend money on poor quality products. They didn’t know how to gauge quality and were often too trusting of large brands.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I’m an affiliate for some of these products. I share products I value regardless.

Practicing self Reiki consistently bring better results from everything else you’re doing because it optimizes your self-healing.


What I learned about CBD made sense, so over the years I looked into many CBD products  those I purchased and samples handed out at medical conferences  before I found a line of products that actually made a difference. And I so appreciate that these fine products come from a company that’s making a difference. PLEASE NOTE: these products are not psychoactive (there’s no high). 


Use the code PAMELA20 for 20% off your purchase. 

Use the code PAMELA20 for 20% off your purchase. 


I have one at home, and love it! It’s the best quality, most affordable personal sauna I’ve found. It easily folds to store or travel, if needed.

I’m a Therasage affiliate. You’ll get a 15% discount any time by using this code WARMUP. If they’re having a 20% storewide sale, please use WARMUP20 to support this website. Reach the site  here, then tap Shop. It’s the first option. Thank you!

You can use this easily every day — at home in bed or while you sip your morning coffee — or slip it in your bag to use while traveling.

I’m a Therasage affiliate. You’ll get a 15% discount any time by using this code WARMUPIf they’re having a 20% storewide sale, please use WARMUP20 to support this website. Access the site here, tap Shop, then Red Light Therapy.  Thank you!


Advanced Electrolyte & Micronutrient Support

Supercharge your body with the essential nutrients it needs with BEAM products. These products provide a full spectrum of electrolytes, trace minerals, micronutrients, amino acids and some B vitamins. They are completely natural and plant-based, and the best part, they taste like water!

I use these products every day, and the spritz many times a day. I take the liquids at home, and the capsules when I travel.

I’m a BEAM affiliate. You’ll get a 20% discount any time by using this code PMILES.  Reach the site here. Thank you!

Wondering how to maintain optimal immunity? The most effective immune strategy is simple to take care of your health. Immunity is part of good health. There’s no shortcut.

Daily self Reiki practice brings balance to every day and helps your body and mind function optimally. Additionally, eat fresh, unprocessed food; move your body by walking, yoga, dancing, whatever appeals to you, just get off the couch; keep a regular schedule; sleep well (in bed by 11PM); and interact with your loved ones and friends as is possible.

These are my favorite herbal products that specifically support immunity: Andrographis and Myco Forte.

When extra Vitamin C is a good idea, I reach for Vitality C. 

Clearing Dirty Electricity

Dirty electricity is an invisible stressor that can contribute to nonspecific discomfort and even lower your capacity to fight disease. Now you can measure the dirty electricity coming from the electrical outlets in your home or office. Start with the ones near your bed or desk as that’s where you spend the most time.

The Stetzerizer Home Kit includes a microsurgery meter to measure the amount of dirty electricity coming from your outlets and 20 electromagnetic pollution filters. You can also purchase the filters separately. Graham Stetzer was the pioneer in this technology so look for his products.


Ayurveda has been a longtime support to my family’s wellness, and Banyan Botanicals has been my preferred source for Ayurvedic herbal formulas for many years. The formulations my clients use most often are the intestinal toner Triphala, Mental Clarity, Ashwagandha and Women’s Support. The formulations are gentle, comprehensive, and nutritive. Although many botanical products bring a quick response, the deeper benefits may not be apparent for 4-6 months. That is particularly true of Ashwagandha, which is an adaptogen known to improve sleep and resistance to stress.

Cleaning your tongue each morning when you awaken, before brushing your teeth, removes bacteria and toxins, gently stimulates the digestion and inner organs, and can help you avoid bad breath. Banyan’s tongue cleaner is inexpensive enough to keep one in the bathroom and one in your travel kit.

“I don’t know what to eat” is a complaint I hear often. When your appetite is confused, it’s an indication that you are disconnected from your body’s wisdom, and there are a few simple interventions that can help you feel better quickly.

Triphala is a gentle botanical intestinal toner. Although it helps loosen irregular bowels, it is not a laxative. Triphala is prized in India and considered safe for all. Best to take at bedtime on an empty stomach, or first thing in the morning.

A kichadi mono-fast actually stokes your digestion and encourages a gentle detox, quickly relieving that bloated feeling and restoring bowel function.

Kazana kichadi packet is the quickest route I’ve found to home cooked kichari. The packet itself is all you need, and it’s even better with ghee and whatever vegetables you have on hand. Kichadi is sometimes spelled kichari.

I only use ghee, olive oil or coconut oil for cooking. Ayurveda prizes ghee as a health-promoting fat, good for the liver and the nervous system. Be sure to buy organic, as pesticides congregate in fat. Ancient Organics makes by far the best tasting ghee I’ve ever had, so good I’ll eat it on bread, veggies — or my finger!

ITone is an inexpensive Ayurvedic eye drop which has been researched and which relieves dry tired eyes effectively.

An Ayurvedic kansa wand is easy to use at home on your face and/or your soles to brighten your complexion while soothing your nerves.

Organic India is another conscious business that offers Ayurvedic products, including various adaptogenic herbs to help strengthen the body’s resilience to stress. Ashwagandha and turmeric are two of the most widely used adaptogens. Organic India also offers tulsi tea plain or in lovely blends such as sweet rose. Tulsi is another adaptogen and the teas are delicious, caffeine-free, and available loose or in convenient bags.

Potent, Safe Botanical Helpers

Reiki practice helps relieve anxiety, and you might still need occasional support, or something to help you until you learn self-practice. Kava root is effective against anxiety, insomnia, and restlessness, and your mind stays clear. 

Columbia psychiatrist Richard Brown wrote about the value of a Siberian adaptogen in his book The Rhodiola Revolution. Richard recommended Rosavin Plus to me years ago, and my family still uses it. Rhodiola rosea helps the body balance stress, and is particularly known to support healthy adrenal function.

Diamond Mind capsules include Tibetan rhodiola among other herbs renowned for their benefits to the mind and brain.

Phytodent was formulated by master herbalist David Winston for Herbalists & Alchemists. It contains six botanicals and two essential oils traditionally used to promote healthy gums. Diluted with water and used as a mouth wash, Phytodent can be a useful adjunct to your daily oral hygiene. I have known David as a colleague for many years and he is one of my most trusted sources for botanical products.

Food for Thought

Quality food is one of our most important health resources. I buy from local farmers whenever possible (we have greenmarkets in my neighborhood four days a week). But that doesn’t meet all my family’s needs. When choosing plant-based food, it’s so important to choose the source carefully. Here are sources I trust and use.

You might already know the value of organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO), but do you know that many oils marked organic and/or EVOO do not measure up? I purchase organic extra virgin olive oil from Fandango, a small family farm in California. That way I know the oil exceeds legal standards and I support a solar-powered farm with earth-friendly practices where the olives are hand-picked. milled within hours, and bottled on site as needed.

Black cumin seed oil is an acquired taste that is well worth acquiring as it carries many health benefits. You can take a spoonful or drizzle it into a salad (don’t heat it), or take Gaia capsules. 

Healing with Flowers

Flower essences are a safe, gentle, and accessible way to support your health. Bach Rescue Remedy is the commonly available, and research supports its usefulness in reducing anxiety. There are no side effects, and no concerns about dependency or withdrawal.

Rescue Remedy Cream is a gentle, light and deeply soothing cream that helps heal burns, diaper rash, and other irritations, even insect bites.

I’ve long kept a full set of Bach flower remedies at home. They bring gentle, safe support to psycho-spiritual issues, without interacting with any prescription drugs that might be needed.

Weight Management

People often practice Reiki to support healthy weight management, and rightly so, because it is well documented that stress negatively affects metabolism. Additionally, take a look at triphala, kichadi and ghee in the section on Ayurveda, as they help rehab digestion and metabolism naturally.

Safe Cell Phone Use

Emerging evidence shows that cell phones can be damaging to our health and especially to the health of children. Respected researcher and advocate Devra Davies, PhD documents the evidence in Disconnect.

None of us want to give up our cell phones, but adopting a few simple practices and a couple of products make cell phone use safer.

I use this hollow tube headset (the sound is carried through the air instead of radio waves).

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