LIVE WEBINAR: Reiki Mentoring Discussion

Wednesday, January 14
12:30 – 1:15 PM  Eastern US (NYC)

This is a 45-minute live mentoring session to discuss your Reiki practice questions. It is not a “Reiki how-to” or a “right-way Reiki.”

  • All Reiki practitioners are welcome, both home practitioners and professionals.

  • Only people who are live at the event are able to ask questions. NO RECORDING of this webinar will be made available.

  • For clarity and to make the best use of our time, please write out your question in advance. We will discuss as many as possible.


Pamela Miles, international Reiki master, medical Reiki pioneer, and author of the award-winning REIKI: A Comprehensive Guide, draws from 28 years of experience to help you clarify your Reiki practice and what it means to you.

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