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Do you have questions about your Reiki practice?

To celebrate Reiki Central’s first birthday, I asked readers of the blog, ReikiUpdate, and to email their questions. We compiled the questions, grouped them into topics, and discussed them in a live webinar–and recorded it to share with you!

Here are the topics we discussed:

If you find this discussion valuable, if it helps you clarify your understanding and deepen your practice, please share it with your Reiki community.

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And if you’d like more of this kind of conversation, here are three ways you can be part of our community of Reiki practitioners, people like you who favor a thoughtful, credible presentation of Reiki practice, one that will help Reiki healing become an option to the mainstream public and in conventional health care:

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  • is where we discuss fine points of practice and share late-breaking news to support Reiki professionals, practitioners who are preparing (or even just thinking) of becoming professionals, and everyone who is open to deepening their understanding through a stimulating discussion with practitioners of diverse perspectives. You can read the page without joining Facebook.

And now, the webinar recording–I do hope you find it supportive, and stimulating. And when you’re finished, please leave a comment here.

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