Comprehensive Healing Sessions with Pamela Miles

comprehensive healing session Comprehensive healing sessions can be scheduled in-person or by phone. However we connect, I’ll bring my experience and skills as an intuitive healer for 50 years and a Reiki professional since 1986 to support your health and well-being.

In-person sessions, when available, start with hands-on Reiki treatment. You’ll lie fully clothed on the treatment table while I place my hands lightly on your head and torso.

During a remote (phone) session, you have the advantage of reclining somewhere comfortable and quiet at home. Arrange not to be disturbed for a while after our session, so you can continue resting and healing as long as you like after our call ends. People often sleep for a while, especially after a first session, but everyone’s response is individual and of the moment. You might feel the need to rest awhile after one session, and feel immediately energized after another. There’s no predicting your response, so give yourself a window of ease after our session.

Whether we meet in-person or speak on the phone, you’ll likely start feeling more relaxed within minutes.

As that relaxation deepens, your body’s natural ability to heal kicks in. Later, after the treatment, you’ll likely feel clearer, more centered and hopeful — more like your “real” self. Remember how good that feels?

Feeling good means being more comfortable being yourself. It also means having a sense of agency, feeling hopeful that you can make a difference in your healing, understanding that all your choices matter, and being motivated in your self care.

Your self-healing process continues even after our comprehensive healing session ends. That’s a key benefit of Reiki treatment, and why Reiki practice can help in so many different situations.

Reiki practice supports your nervous system to gently down-regulate, so you move out of the stress response that’s so damaging to your health and well-being, into a state in which you feel better, function better, make better choices, and in which your self-healing is optimized.

The details of the healing experience vary from person to person. Read inspiring stories of how Reiki practice has helped others.

How many comprehensive healing sessions do I need?

You’re welcome to schedule a single session if you prefer, but I encourage you to consider a series of four sessions, scheduled on consecutive days if possible, or as close together as you can.

Although you’ll likely feel improvement with the first treatment, you don’t want to settle for mere improvement. Reiki treatment has the potential to restore balance from the very core of your system, and if there’s a chronic health challenge, such deep healing of course takes time.

Please understand each session is unique, customized according to what you need at the time, and what’s possible.

Some sessions involve more discussion than others. Any discussion is relevant to your current needs, such as supporting your wellness with simple lifestyle changes that interest you, and which you see as doable.

A series of comprehensive healing sessions

You may choose to jumpstart a period of healing by scheduling a sequence of four comprehensive healing sessions on consecutive days, or at least within two weeks. This is a powerful commitment to your self-care that helps your system embark on a path to profound wellness.

If you like, you can turn your comprehensive healing sessions into a retreat, augmenting our sessions with additional healing options you can do at home (I’ll make suggestions).

A sequence of comprehensive healing sessions helps you make a lasting shift toward living more connected to your true self. If you’re addressing a life change or medical condition, a sequence of healing sessions provides on-going support and helps you retrain your mind toward health-affirming habits.

People generally feel at least a sense of relief and support starting with the first session, but please keep in mind that deep healing takes time.

Comprehensive healing sessions support medical care

The NIH confirms that Reiki practice hasn’t been shown to have any harmful effects. That’s because Reiki practice doesn’t impose on your system; rather, it gently supports your system in regaining its own unique balance.

When your system is balanced, your immunity is stronger and your body is better able to self-heal. That means your body is healing itself in tandem with your medical care, so you’re able to withstand sometimes arduous medical protocols, be more comfortable, remain optimistic, and get the best possible result.

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