How to Hold Professional Boundaries

Every Reiki practitioner needs to hold professional boundaries with clarity and compassion, as our work straddles health care and spiritual support, two areas with particular emphasis on ethics.

And it’s not always easy in the moment to recognize where exactly professional boundaries lie. Even with the best of intentions, a Reiki professional could step over the line.

While we usually think of boundaries in terms of what not to do, there is another side. A thorough discussion of boundaries includes not only what to avoid, but also what to offer clients.

You highlight the value of what the practitioner does in a way that helps us to be more comfortable with the business side of what we do. Thank you Pamela, I felt as if you were talking directly to me and what I needed to hear at this time. Your teaching and suggestions are extremely valuable.
– Denise Gilbert

What will you get from this training video?

In this training, I draw upon my 30 years professional experience for a clear, yet nuanced discussion. In this training, you will get greater clarity regarding:

I also offer:

Why Study with Me?

I’ve been practicing Reiki since 1986 and teaching since 1990. I came to Reiki practice as a meditation teacher with nearly 25 years of spiritual practice experience, and practiced four years before starting my yearlong Reiki master training. Since then, I’ve devoted myself to bringing Reiki practice to the mainstream public (people like you!) and to conventional medicine. I’ve taught at Yale medical school (among others), lectured at Harvard Medical School and the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and presented Reiki practice to Google and Unilever. Each time I teach, I learn more from my students about what helps them learn Reiki practice more easily. I bring everything I’ve learned in three decades of teaching Reiki practice so you can learn traditional Reiki self practice at home. Let me repeat: I teach the Reiki practice I learned in 1986, with a focus on daily self care. I’ve practiced Reiki self treatment every day since I first learned to practice.

“I draw upon my 30 years professional experience for a clear, yet nuanced discussion.”

– Pamela Miles

Pamela Miles Giving a Reiki session

How to Hold Professional Boundaries

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