Reiki and Intuition

Sonia Choquette is the NY Times bestselling author of 14 books that have sold over a million copies worldwide. Her book, True Balance, and her memoir, Diary of a Psychic, are among my all-time favorites. Sonia is also a vibrational healer and a six-sensory spiritual teacher. In this interview, Sonia shares a down-to-earth practice to develop your intuition, and other gems from her 30 years of experience. Our goal is to help you put your intuition to practical, reliable use.

Click here to download the audio recording of Pamela’s interview with Sonia Choquette, Practical Intuition for Reiki Practitioners. Once the file downloads, you might need to double click it to start it playing. Please note that there are about 30 seconds of silence until the audio starts.

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