Reiki Healing Jubilee Thankfulness Series

All my Reiki initiations happened in November (not the same November), making it truly a month of thankfulness and thanks-giving for me.

November 2011 marks my 25th year of Reiki practice — my Reiki Silver Jubilee — and gratitude has put me in an almost giddy, and very giving frame of mind.

So I found some accomplices. Lots of them.

Thanks-gifting especially for Reiki practitioners

I asked seven of my esteemed colleagues, each one an internationally known expert, author, and teacher in his/her spiritual healing practice, to share practical tidbits from the enormous well of knowledge and wisdom they have lovingly gleaned through decades of practice.

Yes, decades. Even the “baby” of the group has been practicing for 20 years.

In this Thankfulness interview series, you will hear from experts in feng shui, intuition, botanicals (both essential oils and herbs), and meditation, each offering you practical tips and timeless wisdom to regain and maintain your inner spaciousness when you need it most, in the midst of your life just as it is, and while caring for those you care for, at home or professionally. (If you think you cannot meditate, just try practicing lovingkindness with Sharon Salzberg — oops, I’m getting ahead of myself!)

What’s unique about this gift is that each speaker will address your specific needs as a Reiki practitioner, both in your personal life and also as a professional giving treatment and initiation. (Many of your concerns are common to other practitioners and healers, so do invite your friends to join us.)

The Thankfulness interview series will give you practical, powerful, accessible tools for your self care, so you can stay vibrant, grounded, poised, and safe no matter what life throws at you. The focus is on you, strengthening your well-being and empowering you to make smart lifestyle choices moment by moment.

Reiki healing only? Yes, and no

The Thankfulness events are not about mixing other practices into your Reiki practice. Of course, you can do that if you want to, but my intention is to give you more healing options to strengthen and maintain your own well-being.

After all, we make a lot of choices between our Reiki practice sessions. And I’ll bet a few of those choices could be more self-sustaining.

When I learned to practice Reiki in 1986, I was already a professional healer, sharing with my clients what I had learned through years of study and personal use of a wide range of traditional healing practices.

I began incorporating Reiki treatment into my client sessions. Over time, it  became clear that Reiki healing on its own was sufficiently thorough, and I eventually dropped all the other techniques. (Please understand, I’m not saying you can’t mix it up if you want to; that’s totally your call.)

At the same time, I began practicing daily self-treatment (and still do). But I continued using my knowledge of traditional healing practices from around the world to support my health, and my family’s.

And that’s what we’ll share with you, traditional knowledge to inform your daily choices, accessible opportunities to step up your self care.

Did I mention every event is free? And that some will include special offers on quality products of interest?

Let’s make November a month of thanks-giving and self-care. Let’s bring greater ease, awareness and love into your life, and the lives of those you touch.

Each Thankfulness talk will be live, and I’ve scheduled them for various times of the day. We are scattered around the globe and there is no one-time-fits-all, so everyone who registers will receive a link to the recording. But you can only access the recordings if you register for the live talk, so be sure to register for every event that interests you, whether or not you can attend live.

I don’t want to overwhelm you with all the Thankfulness that’s coming your way, so I’ll start with the first two interviews, and unfold the schedule gradually in the blog and facebook.

Feng Shui Tips to Support You and Grow Your Business

You know how much easier it is to see when someone else is out of sync than to see what’s out of sync in ourselves? Feng shui, the Chinese art of placement, capitalizes on the very human tendency to look outside to make changes, and guides us to the changes we can make around us that will best support the changes we want to make in our lives.

Karen Rauch Carter wrote my favorite book on feng shui, and she will speak with us about easy adjustments to make our space support us personally and align with our professional goals.

We’ll discuss what common arrangements in your home can weaken you, and how to fix it. We’ll also talk about your work space — where to place your table and yourself in your office and when you are working in someone else’s space — and what placement tweaks support your growing business.

I want you to be successful. How else will we fulfill Hawayo Takata’s dream that Reiki practice be as common as aspirin?

Secrets of Practical Intuition for Reiki Practitioners

When I first came upon Sonia Choquette many years ago, I was struck by how balanced she is. This was particularly surprising because Sonia is an intuitive (as were her mother and grandmother). Although Sonia started working with clients as a teenager, she continued working seriously with her teachers, and went on to earn a Ph.D. in metaphysics.

Sonia can help you open your awareness and your heart as you go through your day, and while keeping your feet firmly on the ground. True intuition is grounded and clear, not impulsive. Learning to access your intuition moment to moment means keeping in touch with your state–discovering how you feel about things as you go, when you are still making choices, instead of looking back with regretful if-onlys.

Learning to live as what Sonia calls a sixth-sensory — tuned in to our intuition — saves us time, money, and pain. Sonia has been teaching people how to do this for many decades, and she’ll share some valuable tips with us.

We can make a difference, we can gracefully create the changes we want, by gratefully taking good care of ourselves.

If you have used feng shui or your intuition to good result, please share your story in the comment section.


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6 thoughts on “Reiki Healing Jubilee Thankfulness Series”

  1. Hello Pamela,
    I wasn’t familiar with feng shui but found the webinar full of really helpful, common-sense tips for organizing space and also how to align your intentions with your space and practice. Thank you for your very generous gift of sharing complementary practices to those of us who are not aware of the available scope to which we can open our hearts! I thoroughly enjoyed the webinar and look forward to having my eyes opened yet again with each new presenter.
    In gratitude,

  2. Dear Pamela

    I would like to register for all seven webinars, but I cannot see the webinar links for webinars other than on intuition and feng shui. Can you please help?

  3. WOW! Just so generous of you, Pamela! And what delicious offerings you have for us. Much of this will be revision – which I very much look forward to. So much that I’ve learned and made part of my life I just take as common practice and need to be reminded how valuable in well-being everything is. And, of course, I’m always open to learning more.

    The second webinar will be at a very awkward time here in Oz – 2.30am. YEEEPS! Ah, well, thank goodness for the technology that allows us to have access to recordings.

    Bevianne (already planning MY 25th in 2014)

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