Reiki Medical Presentation

Click here  to listen to a recording of the presentation Pamela Miles gave at the Integrative Healthcare Symposium in New York City in February 2009.

Pamela invited integrative pain specialist James Dillard, MD, DC, LAc, to share his clinical perspective as part of this presentation. Before the recorded part of the presentation started, each of the 100+ audience members had a brief Reiki sample and shared their experiences (including feeling relaxed, centered, calmed, comforted, sense of warmth, etc.).

Presenting Reiki practice successfully in health care requires a precise use of language. This recording can help you find language that is comfortable for you and meaningful for healthcare professionals.

But whether you will be presenting Reiki to a conventional healthcare audience or you are a home Reiki practitioner who wants to better understand how Reiki practice supports your health and well-being safely and effectively, without interfering with conventional medical care, this presentation offers credible information and perspective drawn from two decades of collaboration in conventional medicine, implementing educational and treatment programs in hospitals and medical schools (Harvard, Yale, New York Presbyterian/Columbia University Medical Center, etc.), publishing in peer-reviewed medical journals (including the prestigious Journal of the American College of Cardiology), and collaborating on medical research (NIH, Yale, and other researchers).

The 3-day Reiki & Medicine Intensive immerses participants in the perspective, culture, and language of both conventional health care and traditional healing. You leave with greater understanding and respect for both camps; how they can work together to offer patients, families, and staff the best possible care; and how to communicate more effectively with healthcare professionals and the mainstream public, whether or not you are a professional. An unexpected benefit is the deepening of your personal Reiki practice.

Have you been waiting for online training to help you bring Reiki into hospitals and other health care settings? Wait no more. The Introduction to Medical Reiki Webinar will give you skills and strategies to get you started in health care. Let’s get Reiki to people in need, and raise the professionalism of our practice.

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