Shift Network Energy Medicine Summit Follow-up Q&A with Healing

Do you have questions after listening to my Reiki interview in The Shift Network Energy Medicine and Healing Summit 2018? Would you like to experience distant Reiki practice?

I thought you might, so I scheduled a free follow-up Reiki Q&A and practice just for you.

If you want to access the recording, click here to tell us where to send the link. We had lots of very good questions, many more than the ones that are posted below. 

There are many approaches to Reiki practice and this is a conversation with a diverse audience. Please appreciate this is not a Reiki training session and I am unable to address Second degree or Master level technique questions. It’s best to take them to your Reiki master teacher.

People who are only interested in the discussion and do not want to experience distant practice will be able to opt out of that part of the presentation.

7 thoughts on “Shift Network Energy Medicine Summit Follow-up Q&A with Healing”

  1. Do Reiki Practitioners typically conduct sessions by asking questions and providing input, as a counsellor would tend to do?

    1. Your question was posted too late to be discussed on the live event so I’ll respond here.

      Due to the great diversity in the Reiki community, we cannot really speak in terms of typical.

      That said, traditionally a Reiki practitioner would offer Reiki treatment only, no counseling and definitely no psychic reading.

  2. I really enjoyed your interview Pamela so thank you. You spoke about Reiki in a different way that resonated with me so that is why I’m responding. I was energetically awakened (Kundalini) in 1981 and it turned my life around. I experienced much mental, emotional and physical pain over time but the gifts I was given in return made it okay. I have had some wonderful Reiki Practitioners ( some well known in that field) work on me and I felt good initially but then I experience extreme pain afterwards and sometimes for days. I am an empath and and I was told by another well know teacher that I had to be careful about whom I allowed to work on me. This also applies to massage therapists or body workers in general unless they resonated with me energetically. Since I was very young I automatically knew how to heal, so I never studied Reiki because I just seemed to know what to do automatically, and I am visual so I followed my inner Guidance. That seemed to be enough for me because healing took place at many levels, and I didn’t want to interfere with the process. One of my teachers advised me not to study Reiki for that reason and much of it had to do with the Energetic Awakening I had experienced. Consequently I did not do hands on healing professionally because it became to difficult for me emotionally. I do work with clients in other ways to heal the emotional body. How can I let go of this fear about taking on this pain? Can you share your feelings about what may be going on. Thank you!

  3. Thank you – this is the first time I have heard a Reiki practitioner verbalize that Reiki cannot be directed by the practitioner; it finds the level at which it is required. I have fallen out of the habit of using self practice on a daily basis. Your calm reminder of its importance is like the blessing of early rain.

  4. Marie Stewart, LMT

    I have been a Reiki Master since 2014 however I don’t practice regularly other than the energy that incorporates within my massage sessions. I have been an MT for 14 years and am heading towards retirement but intend to continue to help others to heal thru massage and intuitive touch. My question is how to transition from a LMT to a Reiki Practitioner???

  5. Hello, and thank you for sharing your wisdom and insight into a field that is so misunderstood. The Reiki I’ve learned is one that teaches the Ryoho Gakkai linage, 6 teachers back to the root. I have given classes on level 1 and am always looking to learn more to incorporate within the traditional line. How do you feel about using t elementals and or color in combination to energy given on the organs and the diseases within Hayashi Chujiros manual or RYOHO SHISHIN?

  6. I learned Reiki a long time ago but have not been practicing, except to reiki my food on a daily basis. I was intrigued by your discussion and am considering expanding my personal practice. I am interested in learning more about reiki as a spiritual practice rather than as a healing practice. Which sources of information would you recommend?

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