13 thoughts on “Virtual Usui Retreat Week One”

  1. Pamela, thank you for this generous gift of retreat. I value this greatly.

    I learned Reiki years ago. Since connecting to you and your community I feel I have grown so much in my love, knowledge and practice of Reiki. I self-practice Reiki daily, I’m reading and referring to your book, Reiki, A Comprehensive Book and find that I am better able to share and explain Reiki to others in a concrete understandable way. I credit you for growing my love of Reiki. Much appreciation.

  2. I am trained in a very traditional Reiki. I am finding it difficult to follow along without visualizing the Reiki signs, and going through the body head to feet. I feel I need to rethink how this will work. The concept is extremely appealing.

    1. Pia, what makes you think you were trained in “very traditional Reiki?” I ask because I was trained and continue to practice Reiki as the practice was brought from Japan in the late 1930s by Hawayo Takata and her Reiki master, Chujiro Hayashi, who was trained by Reiki lineage founder Mikao Usui, and what you describe is not familiar to me. However, I do not want to discuss the details of practice here. People need to practice in the way that is meaningful to them. If it’s useful to you, great. If not, disregard it.

  3. Thank you for this gift. I experience a sense of gratitude because I now know the beginning steps in how to summon the energy from within me.

  4. Thank you Pamela. I’ve just returned home after an extended vacation and this has been sitting in my inbox as a gift to myself after sorting through my mail, sending off my taxes and all the other tasks that needed to be completed. I practice reiki on a daily basis but with your voice and simple prompts I felt myself ease into a quiet, peaceful state, in my first hand placement.

    Which is always gentle reminder that less is more….

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