Virtual Usui Reiki Retreat Week Two

Welcome to the Usui Reiki Retreat, Week Two

The material for our second week of practice builds on the foundation we created in Week 1.

If you are joining the retreat in the second week, Welcome! I encourage you to back up, spend a few days with the material from Week 1, and then move into this material.

And please share your experience and insight below.

With love,

Usui Reiki Retreat Week Two, Part One

Usui Reiki Retreat Week Two, Part Two


6 thoughts on “Virtual Usui Reiki Retreat Week Two”

  1. I keep listen and practicing while do healing my recent surgery , it is a new experience on how to treat myself and apply to others .

      1. I have a surgery last Nov after I when to JCC and I been practicing more often so my healing power is really great. Thanks for all your knowledge and support .Love

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