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I am consistently inspired by your passion and clarity. Thank you for what you do. You help me do what I do better. — Lori-Lyn Hurley


Here’s where you’ll find support for your Reiki practice in a format that works for you: online live and recorded webinars, phone consults, and in-person events, both free and paid. Browse the program descriptions to find the best option to help you develop as a credible mainstream Reiki practitioner and grow your practice. Click here for information about the new MAINSTREAMING REIKI webinar series.


We’ll discuss any questions you have about your Reiki practice, whether it’s how to deepen your daily self-treatment experience, mainstream your professional Reiki practice, or develop your business. We can also review your website or communication materials. I’ll call or skype you at a prearranged time. $150 for a focused 45-minute consult. Email me to schedule. Please prepay your session with Paypal.


Stroll through the following descriptions of the classes, events, and consultations I offer, or jump directly to any one of them. The calendar tells when and where specific classes are being offered.

6 STEPS to SPIRITUAL SELF-PROTECTION: Maintaining Healthy, Compassionate Boundaries

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THE FOLLOWING WORKSHOP IS OPEN TO THE PUBLIC; you need not be a Reiki practitioner to benefit from the class on skillfully creating boundaries that work for you — CLICK HERE to register except when the class is offered at an outside venue.


6 STEPS TO SPIRITUAL SELF-PROTECTION: How You Can Maintain Healthy, Compassionate Boundaries

Have you ever walked away from a client, or a friend, suspecting you “picked up” something you’d rather not have? This happens all too often, but you aren’t helpless. We’ll take a grounded, no-nonsense, empowering look at:

  • Why and how negative transference happens,
  • Where you are particularly vulnerable,
  • What you can do to prevent it, and
  • How you can rebalance yourself once it’s happened.

This workshop is open to everyone, health care professionals, and the public, whether or not you practice Reiki, because negative transference can happen to anyone.

The next class is not currently scheduled.

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Do you already practice Reiki at any level—First Degree, Second Degree or Reiki master?

Perhaps you are:

  • a Reiki student who wants to deepen your relationship with Reiki,
  • a Reiki practitioner who wants to become a Reiki professional, or a
  • a Reiki professional who wants to enhance your professional skills, including the ability to collaborate in conventional health care?

If so, there are a number of ways in which I can help you deepen your personal practice and develop skills to mainstream Reiki practice, whether you live here in the New York City area or elsewhere. All of the gatherings described below are appropriate for you regardless your level of training, amount of experience, or practice style.


Last night, right after the reiki clinic, I felt relaxed and still felt the warmth from the practioners’ hands. When I woke up this morning I felt very different..almost lighter, as if some heavy negative energy had been lifted off me. Definitely something great happened because I can feel the difference already!
—Erika B.

The JCC Reiki Clinic takes place on the first Thursday of each month (excluding holidays). Here you will be part of a diverse group of Reiki practitioners offering table treatments in a supervised public setting. This is an opportunity for you to increase your treatment experience, participate in a mainstream Reiki event, and to make Reiki buddies. Every practitioner also receives a treatment, and the practitioners gather at the end of the clinic for sharing, discussion, and chocolate (really!).

JCC Reiki Clinic for practitioners and the public
First Thursdays of the month, August 7, September 4, October 2, etc.
NOTE: Due to holiday conflicts, there will be a special combined June/July clinic on Thursday, June 12. First Thursday clinics resume Thursday, August 7.
The JCC in Manhattan
334 Amsterdam Ave @ West 76th Street
New York, NY 10023

Pre-registration guarantees your space, but you are also welcome to take your chances and show up. Practitioners who have not pre-registered need to arrive early to allow time to register and be downstairs for orientation at 6:20 PM and plan to stay until we finish by 9:15 PM. You can register by clicking here (then search Reiki and/or Pamela Miles), or by calling 646-505-5708.

The public is invited to book a half-hour appointment and receive Reiki treatment, usually from two practitioners, depending on attendance. Whether you have never experienced Reiki and would like to give it a try, or you are looking for a monthly habit to support your well-being, you are welcome. And if you are a Reiki practitioner who would like to introduce your friends to Reiki, but you are not comfortable giving them treatment on your own, know that this is a safe environment where your friends will be well cared for.

There is a $20 fee for all participants, both practitioners and people coming for treatment only. You can also register by phone 646.505.5708. If you are a Reiki practitioner, please email me that you are coming.


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The following class will deepen your Reiki practice and bring greater nuance to your understanding, so important for your own development and for your ability to represent Reiki practice to a mainstream public. It is appropriate for practitioners and students at all levels and from all practice lineages —


This class is not currently scheduled. Please signup for my email list to be informed as my schedule changes.

Today only
Do not anger
Do not worry
With thankfulness
Work diligently
Be kind to others
– as translated by Japanese Reiki master, Hyakuten Inamoto

Mikao Usui, the founder of the Reiki lineage, referred to the Precepts as “the secret of inviting happiness through many blessings, the spiritual medicine for all illness,” and included them in daily practice. Too often overlooked today, the Precepts help you create a bridge between how you actually experience life to how you want to experience it.

In this class, you will deepen your understanding of the Precepts and learn how to access their support in daily life. Here’s how participants have described their experience of this one-day retreat:

“You created a safe, nurturing environment for exploration.”

“This exploration created a significant deepening in my practice, so much so that friends noticed a difference when we shared treatment.”

“Peaceful, nourishing, and stimulating, the kind of Reiki community I long for.”

“The retreat deepened my understanding of the precepts; I had just been touching the surface.”

“I feel empowered to continue contemplating the precepts in daily life.”

“Just amazingly wonderful and inspiring.”

I offer the following REIKI CONTINUING EDUCATION CLASSES for Reiki students at any level or lineage to prepare for professional practice and Reiki professionals to enhance their skills. Classes are offered in person in New York City and other locations, and by teleclass/webinar. You can click here to register for any class.


Have you ever felt frustrated trying to explain Reiki, especially in mainstream language? Are you enthusiastic about your practice but often see people’s eyes glaze over when you try to share it? Could you use some tips how to communicate more effectively and feel more professional?

Reiki is easy to practice and easy to appreciate, but not so easy to talk about, even for experienced practitioners. Many people who would be interested in the benefits of Reiki treatment are turned off by the way Reiki is explained to them. Perhaps you’ve experienced this firsthand.

You can learn how to speak clearly about Reiki and the benefits you experience. Communicating skillfully helps others recognize how Reiki might help them, and deepens your personal practice.

You will leave this event with greater clarity about your Reiki practice, and strategies to communicate Reiki more effectively to the mainstream public and health care professionals.


Saturday, July 12
2 – 3:30 PM
School of Economic Science
11 Mandeville Place
London W1U 3AJ
Cancellations minus £10 until June 19 only, none later.



Tuesday, July 15
19:00 – 21:00
Astrologihuset, Teglvaerksgade 37, 2100 Copenhagen Ø
No cancellations after June 19.
The talk is in English with Danish translation available if needed, such as for questions.



 Wednesday, July 23   Mercredi 23 juillet
19:30 – 21:30
ARTIC, 40 rue de Paradis, 75010 Paris

€45 le prix de l’évènement. Fermeture de l’inscription à 22:00  22 June/22 Juin.

€50 argent comptant SVP à l’entrée de la conference.

Cancellations minus €10 until June 27 only.
Frais d’annulation: €10 jusqu’au 27 juin. Aucun remboursement après le 27 juin.

The talk is in English with French translation.
Présentation en anglais avec traduction simultanée en francais.



PRACTICING REIKI in HEALTH CARE: What Reiki Practitioners Need to Know


Who should attend the Reiki and Medicine Intensive?

  • Reiki students who want to make more informed health care choices for themselves and their families
  • Reiki students who are considering becoming Reiki professionals
  • Reiki professionals wanting to enhance their skills and expand their Reiki business
  • Reiki practitioners who want to develop a working collaboration in hospitals or offsite conventional care centers, or who want to receive referrals from doctors, nurse practitioners, and other licensed healthcare professionals.

What will I learn in the Reiki and Medicine Intensive?

  • How to improve your Reiki presentation skills and raise your professionalism
  • What doctors, administrators and patients need to know about Reiki
  • What doctors do not want to hear from you
  • How to collaborate successfully with various licensed professionals
  • How to credibly address the issue of safety
  • How Reiki treatment benefits patients, families, and staff
  • How to present Reiki benefits without making claims
  • How to volunteer responsibly to deepen your clinical experience without burning out
  • What the science tells us, and how to identify credible, well designed research
  • What’s the most critical factor for your success
  • Concrete, practical steps for raising awareness in your community and growing your Reiki business.

Attendees will be given a 4-phase sample proposal for integrating Reiki into conventional health care and strategies for building their Reiki business. You will learn how to collaborate with other healthcare professionals as colleagues from someone who has been doing that successfully for 20 years.

Lay practitioners, students, doctors, nurses, and other health care professionals have found this class immediately improved their confidence and brought their work to greater depth, clarity, and professionalism. Read this article to understand what you can learn through this course.

Still unsure? Take a look at my recent interview with the Midwest Reiki Community on Reiki and medicine.

Contact Pamela if you would like to host a Medical Reiki Intensive in your area.

If you are unable to take the in-person seminar, you can register now for the Introduction to Medical Reiki webinar and access it online according to your schedule. Click here to learn more.


This class is currently only available as a recorded webinar, as listed above.

In this class, I offer you what I’ve learned over 20 years of organizing events. Public Reiki events are a service to the public and to the Reiki community. When you organize events, you introduce Reiki to new audiences, create Reiki community, and give Reiki students and practitioners an opportunity to develop their clinical skills. This class gives you what you need to create a successful public Reiki event in which everyone feels supported—staff, clients and YOU.

Pamela Miles organizes 50 Reiki practitioners for our yearly Spa Day for Women with Cancer. The Reiki room is always the hands-down favorite for our Spa Day participants. Many of the women have never heard of Reiki and are surprised at how wonderful they feel receiving Reiki treatment. The person responsible for creating this magic is Pamela Miles. She selects, trains and is present at the Spa Day to supervise the Reiki room. As a result, no matter which practitioners  participants go to, they receive the same beautifully sequenced session.
Caroline Kohles, Senior Fitness & Wellness Program Director, JCC Manhattan


This event is not currently scheduled.


Do you have a question about your practice or are you wondering what’s the best next step for you?

Are you a Reiki professional who would like mentoring to deepen your practice, clarify your communication, or grow your business?

Or maybe you are a health care professional who practices Reiki and you wonder how to bring Reiki into your workplace?

Even Reiki masters with considerable practice experience have questions, or need support or a website review. Why not schedule an individual telephone or skype mentoring session? The fee is $150 for 45 minutes. Contact me to schedule.


I am available to help:

  • Health care providers and administrators establish Reiki programs in their facilities, including hospitals, hospices, nursing homes, and rehab centers
  • Businesses create a customized wellness initiative to enhance employee health, strengthen productivity, and reduce absenteeism
  • Researchers wanting to study the effectiveness of Reiki treatment (design, implementation, and interpretation)
  • Facilities wanting to create a public Reiki event, or include Reiki in a public health event, such as the annual JCC Spa Day for Women with Cancer.

Please email me directly with any inquiries, or read more under Presentations.


THE REIKI CENTRAL FIRST BIRTHDAY WEBINAR addresses questions commonly asked by Reiki practitioners. I offered this event as a gift to the community to celebrate ReikiCentral’s first birthday. Access the Reiki Q&A here.

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