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Many people would be interested in Reiki practice if only they knew about it, if it were expressed in ways that were comfortable and relevant to them.

Reiki practitioners–both home practitioners and Reiki professionals–are often so immersed in the practice that they don’t realize how off-putting their Reiki communication is. They jump to the conclusion that friends and family aren’t interested in Reiki, when really they just haven’t heard anything that appeals to them.

The Mainstreaming Reiki audio recordings help you overcome that communication gap so you can express Reiki practice in ways to make sense to mainstream culture, your friends, family, your doctor, and if you are a Reiki professional, to potential clients and referral sources.

After all, Reiki practice is non-invasive, low-risk, non-pharmacologic, low-cost (especially compared to medical costs), and helps people feel better quickly. Who wouldn’t be interested?

So why isn’t it more widely available? Because Reiki practitioners understandably have a hard time speaking to the public’s interest.

I’ve only listened to half your podcast and I’ve already reaped benefits.
Denise Gilbert

Communication is the key to bringing anything new to the mainstream public.

And that’s something you likely need help with. The Mainstreaming Reiki audio recordings give you that help by taking you deeper into your understanding to help you clarify your communication.

Reiki is easy to practice, and hard to talk about credibly. You know this. How many times have you started to share about your Reiki practice — personally or professional — and you were unable to get your message across?

We’ve all been there, and there are many reasons why you can hit a wall when you share your enthusiasm for Reiki. Even the most in-depth Reiki training is focused on how to practice Reiki — as it should be — and not on how to communicate Reiki practice.

I have been collaborating in conventional medicine for twenty-plus years. The doctors who invited me to create the first hospital Reiki program in the infectious disease clinic at Beth Israel Medical Center were already interested in Reiki practice because they had seen their patients (my students) benefit.

Even though their attitude towards Reiki practice was positive, those doctors still needed me to present Reiki practice credibly.

Having been a student of yoga and meditation for nearly 25 years before learning to practice Reiki in 1986, I was not drawn to the New Age jargon that was already creeping in to Reiki practice, but presenting to doctors in the 1990s required more than avoiding New Age mythology. I had to find the overlap between Reiki practice and conventional medicine — what goals and values they shared — and painstakingly build from there.

Now, more than two decades later, I have a proven track record, and an acute awareness of the weak points in most Reiki presentations. I’ve created a series of talks to address various aspects of Reiki practice, and I offer them to you in the Mainstreaming Reiki audio recordings.

If you are tired of feeling under-valued as a Reiki practitioner, and ready to represent your practice with greater clarity, the Mainstreaming Reiki series is what you’ve been looking for.

How to Explain It » Where’s the Proof? » Is Reiki Safe? » What is Spirituality? » Professional Readiness » Mainstreaming Reiki Bundle »

The Mainstreaming Reiki audio recordings give credible information, strategy and perspective to help Reiki practitioners bring the practice to the mainstream public and into conventional health care, so we can help more people.

Each recording is stand-alone content. You do not need to listen to the recordings in any particular order.

Mainstreaming Reiki audio Your online offerings just keep getting better. I feel privileged that you have chosen to share these intimate yet universal insights with the Reiki community.
— Tina Reilhan, Reiki master teacher


Check out these recordings to take your Reiki practice to the next level!

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