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with Pamela Miles

How many times have you felt frustrated when asked for proof that Reiki practice works?

Do you — like many Reiki practitioners — cringe when the question of evidence comes up?

Yet questions about proof are very reasonable. Every Reiki professional needs to address people’s desire for proof with comfort and clarity, but even home practitioners appreciate the confidence that comes when we can field questions about our practice with poise.

This discussion helps you get over your discomfort and address questions of evidences skillfully and accurately. It will help you develop a satisfying answer, one that targets people’s concerns and brings them closer to giving Reiki practice — and you — a try.

I don’t tell you what you “should” say. I want you to speak from your own authentic understanding of Reiki practice.

I will equip you with information, perspective, and strategies so you can respond to the question of proof credibly and comfortably, no matter who is asking — a doctor, a potential client, or your mother!

Here are some of the things you will learn:

  • Why you should be thrilled when someone asks for proof
  • The reason people ask
  • How to engage the questioner in a discussion
  • The facts we have about Reiki practice
  • How to establish credibility so your response is given full consideration
  • What can sabotage your efforts to establish credibility
  • How to share your clinical experience credibly
  • Whether your personal experience is valuable
  • Why you don’t want to coerce or persuade anyone to try Reiki.

(digital download)


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