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Is the Reiki Practitioner Safe?

21 September 2013

Hawayo Takata often said Reiki practitioners don’t pick things up from people. But is this true? Takata’s student Susan Mitchell shares her experience and insight.

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Reiki Healing Mother’s Dementia

13 July 2013

A daughter follows her intuition and learns to practice Reiki healing for herself and to ease her aging mother’s dementia, pain, depression and anxiety.

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Finding Reiki Community at Breitenbush

10 September 2011

GUEST BLOG: Four of the 22 masters initiated by Mrs. Takata attended the Northwest Reiki Gathering: Phyllis Furumoto, Paul Mitchell, Wanja Twan and Rick Bockner. Each was extremely approachable.

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Are You a Reiki Martyr?

04 June 2011

If you are practicing on others, especially as a hospital or hospice volunteer, and you are not practicing daily self-treatment, you may well be a Reiki martyr. (Audible gasp) “But,” you sputter, “Reiki is safe. I was taught that Reiki is safe.”

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Ask, Ask, Ask

09 April 2011

“Ask, ask, ask.” Reiki master Hawayo Takata knew there was a time to practice and a time to ask.

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Reiki Nerve Stroke

27 November 2010

GUEST BLOGGER Reiki master and Takata student Susan Mitchell tells us how Mrs. Takata performed the Reiki nerve stroke.

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Reiki Cats: Hawayo and Takata

21 August 2010

Striding up Fourth Avenue on a cold November morning en route to sit-in on my First degree class at Beth Israel Medical Center, Reiki practitioner and artist Muriel Stockdale finds Hawayo, and Takata.

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Reiki and Money

08 May 2010

GUEST BLOGGER Susan Mitchell: Hawayo Takata always said, “Reiki brings us health, success, happiness, and long life.” When she talked about these qualities, her voice held a wonderful lightness and wisdom. Part of the “success” she talked about certainly had to do with money.

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Earn Your Reiki Training

09 January 2010

Reiki master Marta Getty remembers Hawayo Takata as a “remarkable woman, clear and very strong,” and shares several delightful stories from their time together.

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