Ask, Ask, Ask

Reiki healing“Ask, ask, ask.”

The word reverberated in my mind like a mantra as I walked briskly on a crisp New York City morning.

“Ask, ask, ask.”

As insistent as dandelions in a lawn, the word invaded my awareness — but why? I dropped inside to listen. What was this “Ask” about?

Conversations from the past week came to mind:

Ask. A seasoned Reiki professional felt ready to become a Reiki master, but was sure his preferred path was not available to him and didn’t Ask; he settled elsewhere. Now it’s done, and he’s dissatisfied.

Ask. A young woman in pain needed treatment but was convinced no practitioner had an appointment she could make. “Don’t be so sure,” I suggested. “Ask.” “No, it’s impossible,” she insisted.

“Ask. Ask. Ask.” Hawayo Takata* lay on a gurney awaiting surgery. “Ask. There is another way. Ask.”

Questioning assumptions, finding possibilities

Mrs. Takata asked. And aren’t we glad she did?

Aren’t we so grateful Mrs. Takata didn’t decide she already knew it was impossible, that she had already been to so many doctors in Hawaii and Japan, that here she was already on the gurney, too late to change course, no sense embarrassing herself…

Aren’t we so grateful that instead of settling for an assumption, Mrs. Takata bothered to inquire what might be possible, to Ask?

Mrs. Takata wasn’t big on questions in class, where the priority was to listen and learn to practice, and learn to rely on practice.

But when it was time for information, she wasn’t shy to Ask.

Need understanding? Practice.

Need information? Ask.

What assumption might you question today?

When did asking for information get you past an imagined dead end?


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*Hawayo Takata and her Reiki master Chujiro Hayashi brought Reiki practice from Japan to Hawaii in the late 1930s.


4 thoughts on “Ask, Ask, Ask”

  1. I ask, what can I do to be happy? I ask, what can I know about what will make me happy? It’s not that difficult, the signs are everywhere. I live in a neighborhood where I see planes take off every night, and I know with every cell in my body that where I belong is not where I am, where my heart is. Every night I ask the question, and the answer comes to me in a whisper: “Europe.” Then I ask how, and the answer, not so gentle, is “wait.”

    The answer to why is not always what I want to hear. It’s not always convenient, it’s not always desirable. The answer is like a mother who wants to hold her child by the hand and give him all the answers, when all she can do is let go, so that he can learn for himself what is true. The answer lets go of me so I can learn, so I can untie all the knots inside of me, stubborn and resilient knots that don’t wish to leave me, that wreak havoc on me when I try to untie them.

    If I ask myself what understanding I gain from practicing Reiki, the answer surprises me: don’t turn away. Rumi once wrote, “Don’t turn away. Keep looking at the bandaged place. That’s where the light enters you.” Since I started practicing Reiki, I can’t turn away anymore. In a certain sense, my life depends on it.

    When I practice Reiki and I ask “why,” it’s not always gentle, it’s not always soothing, but that’s not always what I need. Don’t turn away, I hear each time I ask. Oh, it’s not easy, to stay. It’s not easy to invite the things you hide even from yourself to come out from their hiding places, to hold your hand and to stay with you a while.

    What assumptions might I question, for myself? The assumption that I can always leave.

  2. Edith, you make an important point about being mindful to ask in a way that opens possibilities rather than closing doors.

    Great example, Pam, and a place where many people don’t realize they can use Reiki treatment for support even during the outer asking/diagnostic phase.

    I’ve met some people who were concerned that they might get better without having found out what’s wrong, and they prefer to wait to access support until after a definitive diagnosis. Just shows how different people are, and the importance of letting people find their own way.

    Good to keep in mind that if a symptom isn’t responding with a reasonable amount of balancing Reiki treatment, there may well be something in the person’s lifestyle which is causing or aggravating the underlying condition.

  3. here’s a recent, dramatic example: i was at a seeming dead-end with health problems; pinched nerves in my cervical spine were giving daily low grade migraine symptoms. in addition to 2x daily reiki treatment, i pursued support from the most spiritual/esoteric to mainstream medical procedures. but i kept asking!

    a few weeks ago, i got back results from an iGg 96 food panel blood test and learned i had a hidden allergy to eggs! who knew? after eliminating them from my diet, the inflammation is down and migraine symptoms have vanished!

    thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!

  4. As a little girl I learned a song at school.. It said… seek and you will find. Knock and the door will open. Ask and it will be given.. I clearly remember singing my heart out with this song… it still comes to mind quite often today. It gives me hope.. As difficult as things can get in life, it helps when I find it simple to “simply” ask…At a party one night I was intrigued by a well established business women.I surprised myself when I asked her if she would consider a business proposal of mine which I never imagined I could succeed with.. She did!!! and our collaboration was very successful.. of course I realize to be mindful of what I ask, when to ask,and how I ask for it…. Although it was then, party is not always the best time or place…

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