Mainstreaming Reiki: How to Explain It Recording

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Questions about Reiki practice and the law were asked and I promised to share resources:
Click on any state on this map to learn more about legalities of Reiki practice and how to contact the local authorities.
National Health Freedom Coalition is an organization that supports grassroots efforts to create and protect freedom of health care choice.

Reiki for Sustainable Health Care, an article I wrote for Massage&Bodywork magazine may be of interest to health care providers and those combining Reiki practice with other healing practices.

Your Reiki Website recorded training explains what content is needed and helps you sort out the many technical choices involved in producing a website. It is not, however, a technical how-to. Click here to learn more. If you are on a Mac, Evan Dufour can create an attractive site that works for you and Reiki, and is easy and inexpensive to maintain.

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