Reiki Professional Tip # 1

Tips for Supporting Your Client

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Pamela has been a Reiki professional since 1986. She is an international Reiki master teacher, the foremost Medical Reiki pioneer and helps Reiki professionals up-level through her Reiki Professional Academy. Her goal is to increase the visibility and credibility of Reiki practice, and to help Reiki professionals help more people. 


29 thoughts on “Reiki Professional Tip #1”

  1. Good point about setting up the expectation from the first conversation about feeling better during or after the first treatment, but healing takes more than one session. Thank you.

  2. Excellent advice! I find that clients/friends/family often expect instantaneous results for Reiki, (yet, would not expect the same from a medical doctor, physical therapy, etc.). This really helps to confirm for me the importance of explaining this right from the beginning. Thank you, Pamela!

  3. I am looking forward to this series of tips very much. I live in the North East of Scotland and have fought with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome or RSD as it was known in America since 1978. I am now 57. I took to Reiki healing in 2004 and it saved my life. No doubt about that. A couple of years later I started training in Reiki and stopped at Reiki 2 as training to a Master Level was outwith my reach financially and outwith my ability to heal other people.
    Reiki treatment has done absolutely nothing to the pain levels but it has brought me back from the brink (after the first session) and in the last 12 years has made me a stronger person emotionally. I have learned to accept my CRPS which I feel goes a long way to being able to cope with it. I have also set up a self help group called “Affa Sair”. This is Scots for “Awfully Sore” and is pronounced affa sayer. The group has got 327 members now since last year when I formed it. We have been very successful in our aims to help other people. I feel I was meant to always help people and though I have always been involved in community groups this is the first one which I believe in heart and soul.
    I am sure your tips will make me an even stronger person. Though I do not treat anyone myself professionally, I do self treat a lot and would love to get back to treating friends and loved ones. I go against the grain in that I do not feel right charging people but then I do not intend to use Reiki for an income but just as a way to help people I care about. I know not charging is quite a sore point in the Reiki community but I have never felt right in charging to help people yet I quite readily pay my own Reiki Healer and Acupuncturist.

    1. I hope so, Neena. And my first advice is to practice hands-on self Reiki every day for about 30 minutes. Nothing builds confidence like experiencing the benefits of daily practice.

  4. Thank you, Pamela. At this time I am just practicing self-Reiki as I have been sick but I intend to have clients some day so this is still very useful to me.

    1. I hope you are feeling better soon, Nancy.

      I agree this information is useful to people who envision being a Reiki professional some time in the future, or even for those who offer Reiki sessions to family and friends.

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