Second Degree Reiki Training

As we discussed in your First degree Reiki class, First degree practice is all the Reiki training most people need.

That said, Second degree Reiki practice is nothing short of wonderful and amazing, and I love to teach it.

If you attended one of my First degree classes and have practiced hands-on self Reiki every day for at least six months, you might consider learning to practice Second degree Reiki.

The Second degree training expands your Reiki practice, enabling you to:

  • offer Reiki treatment to friends and family who are physically out of reach,
  • enhance your hands-on Reiki practice,
  • practice Reiki for specific challenges in your life, and
  • practice Reiki to deepen your self-inquiry.

During your Second degree training, you’ll receive another initiation and learn to practice Reiki without touch or proximity to the receiver.

Second degree training expands your hands-on practice, but does not replace it.

Daily hands-on self-treatment continues to be your foundation practice even after learning Second degree. Second degree training gives you options to add to your daily hands-on practice as you choose.

Are you eligible for Second degree training?

All my students who have been practicing daily self treatment for about thirty minutes at least six months and who have participated in at least six global self Reiki practice sessions online are currently eligible. An additional prerequisite is three JCC Reiki Clinics for those in the NYC area, once the clinic resumes in-person.

If you’re not in the NYC area, or you are but there’s a reason you can’t attend the JCC Reiki Clinic, please email me so we can discuss how you could get more hands-on experience. Practicing with others, especially when supervised, builds confidence, supports healthy boundaries, and creates a strong foundation for your Second degree practice.

Volunteering at the annual JCC Spa Day for Women with Cancer can replace one clinic.

Is Second degree practice timely for you?

My experience teaching since 1990 is that students who have been practicing First degree longer have a stronger foundation for Second degree training and thus get more benefit. Most of my students practice daily self Reiki for at least a year before learning Second degree practice.

If you have any questions about whether Second degree is timely for you, this will help: Waiting for…Second Degree.

Email me if you are still unsure and we’ll discuss it. As always, my concern is for your continuing Reiki practice. Second degree is wonderful, and it is not a necessity.

Class details

As with First degree, Second degree training is given in three class sessions 3.5-4 hours each. Unlike First degree Second degree sessions are spaced to give you adequate time to learn and practice at home. The sessions are usually spaced over the span of 5-8 days.

Each class session begins promptly, but the ending time is approximate.

As with your First degree class, it is necessary to attend all three sessions in their entirety.

In addition to your continuing daily hands-on self-treatment, there will be assignments to study and practice between sessions.

Second degree classes are small and everyone gets lots of personal attention.

How to Register

The class fee is $695.

You can reserve your space with a non-refundable, non-transferable deposit of $295 using the registration button below. The $400 balance is due before we begin the first session. Please note I am not able to process credit cards on site.

You can prepare for your Second degree class by reading (or re-reading) chapters 1, 2, 6, 7 and 9 of REIKI: A Comprehensive Guide. If you do not have a copy, please purchase a copy here or at your local bookstore (Barnes & Nobles stocks it).

After you register, watch for an email from me with some questions for you.


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