Usui Virtual Retreat

What is the Usui Virtual Retreat?

Usui Virtual RetreatThe Usui Virtual Retreat is an opportunity to deepen your practice at home, on your own schedule.

In 2009, Reiki master Mari Hall asked me to lead the 21-day Usui Virtual Retreat she had been offering the community for 13 years. The retreat started on Mikao Usui’s birthday, August 15.

Inspired by your desire to go deeper into your practice, I am keeping the retreat materials available as a continuing resource for you and all Reiki practitioners to revisit again and again and again.

I especially hope new Reiki students will use the retreat as a practice support in the weeks following their First degree training.

No matter when you start the retreat, how long you take to go through the guided practices, or how many times you revisit the retreat, I encourage you to start with the first week’s material and move sequentially, even if you spend more or less than a week with each set.

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Welcome to the Usui Virtual Retreat

I am honored and delighted to be your facilitator for this year’s Usui Virtual Retreat.

In 2009, we commemorate the 144th birthday of Mikao Usui, the founder of our practice, the very first Reiki practitioner.

Usui was a brave and compassionate man whose spiritual longing and effort literally gave us this practice, who lives on today in our own practice, even though the form of our practice may be quite different than how Usui himself practiced and taught.

Our diverse Reiki community

We are a diverse group of Reiki practitioners from around the world. We come from different lineages, different practice styles, different countries, cultures and lifestyles.

My intention for the Usui Virtual Retreat is to deepen our relationship with Reiki practice and strengthen our sense of being connected to a global community. So I hope you will reach out and invite others to join us.

This is a very special opportunity for all of us. As your facilitator, I want to offer enough structure so that this can be a meaningful adventure into practice for you. I am also counting on each of you to participate in the retreat in the way that works best for you.

You know yourself and you know what your life is like. Please find the balance of commitment and comfort that fits your lifestyle. Look at what invites you to practice, and doesn’t feel burdensome. Don’t make it big, make it steady, and practice every day. Find an amount of daily practice that you can comfortably commit to, and a time when you can place your hands and be with your self-treatment every day. When we want to create change, steadiness and consistency matters.

I hope you will find a way to practice Reiki everyday for the next three weeks, in whatever way you can, and know that we are all practicing with you. But if you miss a day, come back to your practice, and your community, the next day.

I suggest that you keep a paper and pen near where you practice, so that you can jot down your observations and contemplations after each session, and even between sessions, as an insight blossoms in your awareness.

Thank you for being with us for this retreat. I look forward to practicing together. You can access each week’s content at these links:

Usui Virtual Retreat, Week One

Usui Virtual Retreat, Week Two

Usui Virtual Retreat, Week Three

Welcome to…the never-ending retreat!

After you finish the virtual retreat, you welcome to come back any time to refresh your practice.

Itf you are looking for a small in-person retreat, please consider he Heart of Practice Reiki Retreat in Mexico.

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