Reiki Professional Tip #12

Tips on Professional Boundaries

This is the twelfth in the Reiki Professional Tips series created by Pamela Miles.

Pamela is an international Reiki master teacher and the foremost advocate for Medical Reiki. She has been a Reiki professional for 30 years and is based in New York City and online in the Reiki Professional Academy.

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2 thoughts on “Reiki Professional Tip #12”

  1. Karin van der Walt

    Thank you Pamela, I must say I have always trained myself to keep my eyes open as I feel it is easier for me as I don’t get distracted and I can see how my client is responding. I have always believed that the Reiki healing is for the clients best interest and therefore I should stay focused.

    I noticed that as soon as my eyes are closed I seem to lose focus and the clients picks this up.

    Love and light

    1. I agree, Karin. Clients sense whether we are present or not. Our presence helps them feel safe, and when they feel safe, they have a better experience. So our presence doesn’t affect their response to Reiki practice, but rather their response to the overall session, which is the container in which Reiki practice is offered.

      That is one of many things we discuss in the training How to Hold Professional Boundaries in the Reiki Professional series.

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