Reiki Professional Tip #8

Tips for Being a Trusted Reiki Source

This is the eighth in the Reiki Professional Tips series created by Pamela Miles.

Pamela is an international Reiki master teacher and the foremost advocate for Medical Reiki. She has been a Reiki professional for 30 years and is based in New York City and online in the Reiki Professional Academy.

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5 thoughts on “Reiki Professional Tip #8”

  1. Hi Pamela

    I just needed some clarification. We are to ask them what interested them in Reiki? Or what is Reiki practice to them?

    1. Good question, Joanna, as it is an important point. Ask them why they are interested in Reiki practice. Once you discover what they are trying to improve in their lives, you can share stories and information that is immediately relevant to their concerns, and which is more likely to grab their interest than the usual Reiki spiel.

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