Reiki, Science & the Media

Do you find Reiki hard to talk about? Practitioners often struggle to communicate Reiki practice to the (literally) uninitiated, especially the media. Caught up in Reiki enthusiasm, a practitioner can easily wind up looking ungrounded, and the practice a bit out there and, well, unscientific. It may be surprising to learn that scientists also struggle to share their work accurately, often for similar reasons.

Reiki Help Wanted

This is a call to serve. To serve Reiki, and to serve yourself. The two go hand-in-hand (pun totally intended).

Reiki needs help putting on a new public face, the face that invites everyone–not just the New Age community–to follow Dr. Oz’s orders and “Try Reiki!”

3 Tips for Successful Public Reiki Events

“The Reiki room was pure magic….as usual.

“I know you know this, but I just have to remind you that every year, the Reiki practitioners touch so many lives.

“You are truly doing a HUGE service to these women by introducing them to this amazing healing. I can’t believe that even after all this time and exposure, Reiki is still relatively unknown to these women challenged by cancer.”

As Common as Aspirin

“I want Reiki to be as common as aspirin.”–Hawayo Takata

Reiki-as-common-as-aspirin means Reiki available mainstream, maybe not at your local pharmacy, but available where the mainstream public hangs out. You could help make that desire a reality. Are you with me?

Hospital Reiki in the News

Balanced journalism covering Reiki is hard to come by, for many reasons. This week, the Syracuse Post-Standard published a piece we can work with. Let me be clear: I don’t agree with everything in this article. Regardless, I encourage the Reiki community to rally behind it.

The Reiki Credibility Challenge

Dr. Oz’s Reiki endorsement on the popular The Dr. Oz Show kindled interest among an entirely new segment of the population. Now what?

Think of the people in your (extended) family who are most different from you (and put aside how many times you tried to talk to them about Reiki in the past). Thanks to Dr. Oz, Cousin Vinny is now encouraged that maybe this Reiki thing will relieve the pain in his arthritic joints. Aunt Sally is hoping Reiki treatment will help her sleep after years of insomnia.