Tour de Reiki

Cyclist Hayden Roulston is an Olympic silver medalist from New Zealand (I’ve heard such people refer to themselves as Kiwis, but wonder if Yanks are allowed that pleasure), so it was not all that surprising when he placed third at Stage 14 of the Tour de France.

What was surprising — or some say, miraculous — was that in 2006, the then 26-year-old athlete was told to stop cycling after being diagnosed with arrhythmogenic right ventricular dysplasia (ARVD), aka Naxos Disease.

This genetic disease often leads to sudden death from cardiac arrest, particularly in young people.

Four months after his diagnosis, Roulston connected with Julie Reid. New to Reiki practice, Reid offered the cyclist a 5 minute treatment. The experience was unremarkable, at least until Roulston next got in the saddle.  He continued receiving Reiki treatments and learned to practice himself.

While we salute our Reiki champion, let’s keep it in mind that the benefits of Reiki for athletes are not limited to such dramatic turnarounds. Even weekend warriors who receive Reiki treatment note that it seems to improve their recovery time.  Beginning research has shown that Reiki can, in fact, normalize heart rate.

My (no longer) secret dream? To be the Reiki master for the Yankees.

Even the Mets.

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5 thoughts on “Tour de Reiki”

  1. Very cool, Pamela. Getting good results with the Graston technique now, but as I am approaching 50 and not planning on giving up modern dance, I think I need to commit to trying Reiki. Thanks.

  2. I was watching the 2008 Olympics and was sure one of the tv broadcasters mentioned an Austrialian athlete competing in the rowing events that had a very speedy recovery from an injury to his chest muscles after receiving Reiki. Anyone else catch that broadcast?

  3. We are literally on the same page, Nancy. I posted this story as you were leaving your comment. Thanks so much!

    Williams is giving a craniosacral treatment in the photo. The hands are placed similarly to the back of the head Reiki position.

  4. The story about NFL player Ricky Williams in today’s New York Times caught my eye. It doesn’t even mention Reiki, but what Ricky appears to be doing in the photo definitely isn’t massage or acupuncture (which are mentioned). And his dream sounds not so different from yours, Pamela: “He envisions becoming something like an N.F.L. shaman, responsible to a team or players for a holistic approach — body, mind, soul — to healing.”

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