Reiki Help Wanted

Reiki thanksThanks for the offer, but I’m not asking for distant treatment.

Nor am I hiring Reiki practitioners.

This is a call to serve. To serve Reiki practice, and to serve yourself. The two go hand-in-hand (pun totally intended).

Reiki needs help putting on a new public face, a face that invites everyone — not just the New Age community — to follow Dr. Oz’s advice to “Try Reiki!” (The Dr. Oz Show, January 6, 2010).

The unveiling of Reiki’s new public face might happen at any time — during lunch with a colleague, while Skyping with a friend on another continent, or as you respond to an online article or blog.

Of these opportunities, the online one is trickiest. When we are interacting directly with people, we have so many cues as to their level of interest, and how they’re receiving what we’re offering.

Online, we have none of that, plus people can stare wide-eyed and scrutinize our every word, imagining implications we never intended. The mere thought of communicating online can be enough to make you hit Delete!

And who cares what you have to say, anyway?

You may be surprised. I certainly do. So do the people who could have learned about Reiki from someone who would have made sense to them (you), instead of what they would have to wade through if they googled Reiki.

That’s what people do now when they want to know about something. They google. Have you tried it lately?

When I was writing REIKI: A Comprehensive Guide (published 2006), I looked at 1000 Reiki websites, just to see what was out there. It wasn’t encouraging.

In October, 2010, I googled Reiki and 8,470,000 sites showed up. I just googled Reiki and there are 34 million+ sites.

Maybe you think you’re not ready to add your own website to the collection. It’s a big step, I know, and I want to make it easier for you. We need your credible website showcasing Reiki practice in a credible way that helps the public see how Reiki can help them.

Your Reiki Website

If you are a Reiki professional, or a student moving in that direction, my Reiki Website training will help you create a website that presents a credible public face for Reiki and your services.

My 3-hour, 5-video Your Reiki Website recorded training is 40% off for a limited time. 

New to Reiki?

Are you new to Reiki, just thinking of scheduling a Reiki treatment with a professional, or a friend? Maybe you looked at one of those 34 million sites and now you’re not so sure.

If you read something about Reiki that makes you uncomfortable, please know that statement is more about the practitioner than it is about Reiki practice. There is nothing bizarre or unsafe about Reiki treatment, but each practitioner weaves the story according to her own understanding and perspective (including this one).

If you saw something about Reiki practice that puts you off, please take a minute to read this UPI interview before deciding Reiki’s not for you. If you are thinking of learning to practice, this article about Reiki classes will help you find a qualified teacher in your area.


4 thoughts on “Reiki Help Wanted”

  1. Pamela,

    thank you for being such a pragmatic, informative source. When I first began practicing Reiki almost 8 years ago, not many people knew what Reiki was. I’ve done much to explain and appeal to the masses. Now I’m happy to say 95% of my clientele comes to me specifically for Reiki.

    It’s gaining recognition and your perspective is a beacon in the vast world of woo-woo.

    Many blessings,

  2. I am a Reiki Master/Teacher, but it is not well excepted in my community..I would love to set up a web site so that I can practice Reiki. The public is slow to except this kind of thing so any help you can give me to move in that direction would be wonderful.

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