Just Relaxed. Really, Just?

“I just feel more relaxed.”

How often do we hear that from people after a Reiki sample?

Just relaxed.

No big deal.

Wait a minute!

Just relaxed is a very big deal.

Just relaxed is a biochemical event, the beginning of healing.

And just relaxed is what you’re not getting enough of.

So get your Reiki hands on yourself (if you’re a practitioner), connect with a Reiki buddy, or make an appointment with a Reiki pro.

And just relax.

Give Reiki a try. Doctor’s orders.

Dr. Oz, that is.


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10 thoughts on “Just Relaxed. Really, Just?”

  1. As an RN, Reiki Master and author of “Healing With Hands,” I have treated clients for over 11 years. I see the relaxation response in almost 100% of my clients. I have actually seen both hips and spine shift into better alignment during a treatment thus reducing pain. I think deep relaxation is the key to this. I see the men especially drift off to asleep and wake up feeling refreshed with better range of motion. Let’s all keep on providing Reiki!

  2. I was recently suffering from dizziness when I was in certain positions. After “flunking” a one-hour ear balance test, the doctor ordered an MRI of the brain to rule out CNS involvement, i.e. a brain tumor. I had a brain MRI back in 1988. The machine was very confining, to say nothing of the “helmet” they put over your head, before rolling you into the “casket-like” tunnel. Sorry for the negative description….I was told “do not move”. I obeyed. I was told the test would take about 45 minutes. I was in the machine for 90 minutes! No one told me anything, or reassured me. It seemed like a lifetime! I was then rolled out and told, with apologies, that they had “problems with the machine”. I became frantic and said, “could you not have reassured me, at least?” Now, back to the present. I am a different person since 2007 when I became a reiki practitioner. I have found that daily self reiki is “so key”. When I recently had the brain MRI (3/3/10), I did not work myself into a frenzy, and as a matter of fact, found it to be a pleasant experience. This is truly a profound statement for me to make. RELAXING is exactly what I needed to do. And, by the way, the MRI turned out to be fine, and so it was defined as “benign positional vertigo” of unknown origin, and the dizziness spells, which lasted about four weeks, have now gone away. I am so indebted to having learned reiki… this wonderful healing blessing in my life.

  3. Welcome, Christine, and thanks for your comment.

    Barbara, although I appreciate your kind words (I really, really do–thank you!), I want to underline that communication is a learnable skill. Communication is not unlike drawing; some of us may have more talent than others, but we can all improve our skills with training and mindful effort.

    Reiki practitioners often let their enthusiasm run away with them and then wonder why no one is taking them seriously. This is why I teach the Communicating Reiki workshop, and there are also many tips practitioners can pick up by reading the posts/comments in the Communicating Reiki category–see the sidebar to the left.

  4. My sister once told me I would never find “Zen” if I did not learn to relax! My reply was “I didn’t even know I was looking for it. ” She is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine. She suggested years later that I seek my Reiki cert. to complement my reflexology training. Now I am encouraging her to seek out Reiki cert.for herself because I am the relaxed one. Clients often tell me they sleep much better after a treatment and can handle stress better as a result. Thanks again.

  5. Thanks so much for your comments. People are often so relaxed after a Reiki treatment that it doesn’t occur to them how important that is, and it helps if we gently remind them of the connection between relaxation and healing. In this way, we support them continuing to take care of themselves.

  6. For me, being relaxed is never “JUST relaxed.” I came to Reiki because I needed to relax. To re-balance. To re-connect. To re-charge. And all of that, in my experience, happens through the doorway of relaxation.

    It is a wonderful thing to be able to offer Reiki to friends and family have them tell me that they feel so peaceful afterwards. I understand we can’t always expect that response–but it’s not unusual!

    In today’s wild and crazy world, what a gift to be able to offer hands that may bring about the thing we need most: a moment of relaxation. Even if it’s “JUST relaxation,” it’s a gift.

  7. Love Love Love this. I woke up this morning and read this first thing. I put it on our Reiki Fur Babies to remind everyone! Just yesterday we had a client tell us he was zoned and relaxed. I sent his wife your post to encourage them. They were very happy to read it! Simple yet so very profound!

  8. That is awesome Pamela. Point should be well taken. You are indeed gifted with ability to describe Reiki without defining it yet you do that so well also! Thank you for making yourself available to the Reiki community.
    Barbara Notte

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