Star-powered Healing

NFL running back Ricky Williams has turned to holistic healing, not only for his own wellness and freedom from his pothead past, but also as a career when he retires from football. This is reported by Greg Bishop on page B13 of the New York Times Sports section (July 22, 2009).

The article, which describes Williams as “230 pounds of new-age philosophy searching for a world view that resonated more closely with what he felt,” tells how the athlete was introduced to complementary therapies during rehab for a broken arm. Williams felt that an unconventional treatment used on his arm helped it heal faster. The experience inspired Williams to learn craniosacral therapy, and eventually enroll in an acupuncture and massage training program.

Nowhere in this healing saga is Reiki specifically mentioned, and Reiki may not be part of Williams’s experience (yet).

The use of the term “new-age” notwithstanding, the overall tone of the article is respectful toward holistic healing and spirituality. The lack of disclaimers in the article suggests a positive shift in mainstream media’s attitude toward healing and medicine, and makes the article worth a read. Here’s the online version

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