As Common as Aspirin

“I want Reiki to be as common as aspirin.” — Hawayo Takata

Reiki-as-common-as-aspirin means Reiki practice available mainstream, maybe not at your local pharmacy, but available where the mainstream public hangs out.

You could help make that desire a reality. Are you with me?

Then it’s time to get vocal, time to speak up on social media. Do you hang out on Facebook, connect on LinkedIn, tweet, or read other blogs? And not just Reiki blogs, but health and wellness blogs, lifestyle blogs, hobby blogs, what-do-I-do-when-I-hammer-the-wrong-nail blogs — all kinds of blogs.

Why not weave Reiki into the conversation?

Turning the conversation toward Reiki practice

Look for opportunities to mention how Reiki practice helps you, your family, your clients, your pets. Have you lost weight since practicing Reiki? Stopped smoking? Improved your game? Maybe you’re less anxious, or sleeping better.

You could mention that you practice in bed, as you’re falling asleep. Just the fact that a regular person like you is talking about Reiki practice gives it a mainstream persona.

And when you talk about your practice, stay with your usual mainstream language. Talk about balance and relaxation, what you get from practicing Reiki rather than what Reiki is. It’s challenging to speak about what Reiki is without making it look like a club Joe Q. Public wouldn’t want to be a member of.

Choose your words carefully

If you want Reiki practice to be available to the mainstream public, communicating credibly is critical.

Most people don’t believe in magic, or they’re at least convinced it won’t happen in their lives. Most people are not even secretly woo-woo. But if you give them rational information about something they want — wellness and happiness — they’re all ears and eyes.

Let’s start a grassroots thoughtful Reiki movement. Start watching for chances to showcase a mainstream, credible approach to Reiki on social media, and share this post with some Reiki buddies so they join in too.

If each Reiki practitioner reading this post participates, the public will get the message that normal people use Reiki, and they’ll find plenty of credible Reiki opportunities they are comfortable accessing.


Communicating Reiki practice clearly, simply, and effectively with doctors and health care administrators helps bring Reiki to the mainstream public. If you want to refine your communication skills, look through the Communicating Reiki category on the blog, or the Talking Reiki and Introduction to Medical Reiki recorded webinars. Click here for more information.

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6 thoughts on “As Common as Aspirin”

  1. Would personally love to bring Reiki into theatres specifically, here in South Australias’ Hospital’s. Imagine!

  2. I would like to see a Reiki practitioner in each household in America. It would alleviate pain on many levels and greatly reduce the amount of pain medication consumed by us.

  3. I’ve had great healing and life improving experiences with the use of Reiki. It has become better at physical, mental and spiritual level. All within my each with just laying of hands on me. Even some friends have benefitted remarkably. Social contacts are more fulfilling,so is daily routine.

  4. What a wonderful idea,to spread the real understanding of Reiki in the community of humans at the global level and what goodnes it can bring about in one’s own life and is capable of inspiring others with a good enough level of intelligence to feel tempted and to get started on inculcating it in their daily life!The benefits will grow,as I have experienced,with new insights and aspects of this healing modality ever unfolding themselves on a continual basis to bring about the highest good in life.Interaction with those inerested in Reiki with honest intentions-and being open to it in a non prejudicial way- among those who already are into it and those who start practicing this modality has the true potential of Reiki emerging as wordwide system not only of alternative and additional therapy,but becoming a handy tool in increasing the wellness and happiness in everyone’s life.And,for anybody wanting to be a light-worker,the scope is endless……My ideas on the subject are an abundant amount…but I don’t want to take too much space and deny others from coming forth with their informed and curious comments.So here it goes,with kickstart already havibg been given to it by the starter of this blog.

  5. Getchie Argetsinger

    As a New York actress my life is up and down and it can be hard to feel that being an artist is valid. My life requires making myself available to do theatre as top priority. Yet only 10% of professionals in my industry actually earn a living at our craft. So it is necessay for actors to find flexible jobs that allow us to take acting gigs when they come along. This is very challenging. Daunting. Many gifted artists (especially if they have families to support) stop acting because they need steady and reliable income. Reiki is what makes me stable in the flux of it all. Doing my daily Reiki practice grounds me and gives me clarity…helps me take the next step and keeps me open to solutions to myriad obstacles and problems. It is so crucial for an artist to have something that validates his life since society, for the most part, does not. Reiki is subtle, deep and comforting and it honors what is most true and important.

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