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Hawayo Takata, Reiki & Spirituality

12 April 2014

A common misconception is that Hawayo Takata emphasized the physical healing aspects of Reiki practice over the spiritual, but Reiki researcher Robert Fueston reveals what Takata really taught.

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Reiki Lineage

02 November 2013

Does linking Reiki lineage to how you practice rather than your training change anything for you?

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Reiki and Vipassana

13 April 2013

Why do the U.S. Catholic Bishops and some Vipassana meditation teachers oppose Reiki practice? How does the Reiki community contribute to such opposition?

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Mikao Usui, Reiki Founder

11 August 2012

Stories about Reiki founder Mikao Usui abound, but what do we really know about his life? Reiki master Colin Powell sorts through the evidence.

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Healing Crisis: What Is It?

24 December 2011

The natural medicine term healing crisis refers to a very specific event that may occur in a healing process. It’s important to understand exactly what a healing crisis is.

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Reiki Healing Crisis: Part One

17 December 2011

Conventional medicine uses drugs or procedures to oppose the problem in an attempt at cure. The benefits of Reiki healing come from enhanced systemic balance.

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You Can Become an Instant Reiki Master

22 October 2011

Of course we all like fast results. And with Reiki treatment, sometimes we get them. But that’s not instant mastery.

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Usui Reiki, or Not Reiki?

12 March 2011

There is a reasonable expectation that any practice referred to as Reiki traces back to Usui, but we cannot assume this to be true. The lack of agreed-upon Reiki standards creates a buyer-beware market. How can we help the public identify Usui-based Reiki practices?

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What is Reiki Energy?

26 February 2011

What is universal life energy? How many Reiki practitioners pause to contemplate such a reality, a reality so foreign to western dualistic culture that we don’t even have a word for it.

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Reiki Fees

25 September 2010

Reiki practitioners love their work. Many love it so much they are uncomfortable being paid for it.

But if we truly love our work, and especially if we want to do more of it, why wouldn’t we be grateful to be compensated for it?

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