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Reiki Classes: What’s Right for You?

Public interest in Reiki treatment and practice is rising rapidly, leading many to wonder, What’s the best way to learn to practice Reiki? Here are some points to consider.

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Reiki Is Safe

There are so many myths about when Reiki treatment can be safely used. Let’s dispel the myth that Reiki treatment is ever contraindicated once and for all. We can start by looking at what is really happening when we offer Reiki treatment.

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Reiki and the Catholic Bishops, Again

The discussion of the US Catholic Bishops’ anti-Reiki advisory continues as PBS’s Religion and Ethics correspondent Kim Lawton interviews a Catholic nun/Reiki master, a lay Reiki master, and a representative of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops.

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Just Relaxed. Really, Just?

Just relaxed is a biochemical event, the beginning of healing, and what you’re not getting enough of. So follow Dr. Oz’s orders, and try Reiki.

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Reiki Is Not Ancient

Reiki is not ancient; it’s either modern, or it’s timeless, depending what you mean when you say, “Reiki.”

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Sleep Much?

In this sleep-deprived nation, children and adults alike suffer from too little sleep. Reiki practice can change that.

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The Reiki Credibility Challenge

Dr. Oz’s Reiki endorsement on the popular The Dr. Oz Show kindled interest among an entirely new segment of the population. Now what?

Think of the people in your (extended) family who are most different from you (and put aside how many times you tried to talk to them about Reiki in the past). Thanks to Dr. Oz, Cousin Vinny is now encouraged that maybe this Reiki thing will relieve the pain in his arthritic joints. Aunt Sally is hoping Reiki treatment will help her sleep after years of insomnia.

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Takata stories

Earn Your Reiki Training

Reiki master Marta Getty remembers Hawayo Takata as a “remarkable woman, clear and very strong,” and shares several delightful stories from their time together.

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Peace Work
Daily practice

Peace Work

May we live with the awareness that each time we practice self Reiki, we place another brick paving the road to world peace.

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Healing Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

A year after video producer Kate Milliken was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, her MRI came back clean. Reiki is part of her integrative approach to reversing a disease deemed “incurable” by conventional medicine.

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Practicing Happy Holidays

What do you think will happen this holiday season? Will you:
Eat too much?
Drink too much?
Get caught under the mistletoe?
Not get caught under the mistletoe?

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The Science of Biofields

There really isn’t any science of biofields (yet?), but we can still speak credibly about Reiki practice to scientists. I’ve been doing it for 20 years, and here’s how.

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