Avoiding Autumn Pounds

Have you reached the time in life when the natural tendency to add a few pounds in autumn has become problematic? Here’s some help.

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Retreat Reflections

GUESTBLOGGER Deb Hoy, editor of Touch, the magazine of the Reiki Association UK, shares how the Usui Virtual Retreat has been a supportive, gentle catalyst for change.

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Reiki training
Daily practice

Retreat as Reminder

GUESTBLOGGER Kimberly Fleisher of the Reiki School + Clinic in Philadephia shares her experience of the Usui Virtual Retreat.

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Practice Makes Present

If you approach Reiki healing as a technique, you feel anxious to do it perfectly. If you approach Reiki healing as a practice, you simply do it.

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Reiki Journal ABCs

Journaling or free-writing helps you engage more deeply in your daily practice. These suggestions will get you started.

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Usui Virtual Retreat Welcome

I recorded a retreat as a gift to the community in honor of Reiki founder Mikao Usui’s 144th birthday and it remains available to you here any time you want to refresh yourself.

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