Massachusetts Reiki licensing
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New Massachusetts Reiki Licensing Update

The Massachusetts Reiki licensing attempt seems to have ended, at least for the moment. MA legislators have decided to focus on other matters, and moved the bills to a further investigation and study order. Of course, it’s possible the bills

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Daily practice

My New (Senior) Reiki Body

Your body is capable of more healing than you know. Read this story of how daily self Reiki helped a senior who is a professional dogwalker grow younger and healthier!

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Communicating Reiki

Reiki Boundaries

In Reiki practice as in life, boundaries help you know what’s real and when you’re being manipulated. Here’s how you can sort it out.

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Healthful lifestyle

CBD and Reiki Self Practice for Me

Reiki self practice and CBD are the foundation of my self care. I feel like I’m aging younger. After trying a few, a particular CBD product made the difference.

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Daily practice

Reiki Practice: Sticking with Love

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. famously said he was “sticking with love.” Reiki practice makes it easier to follow his example and live from your deepest heart, so we can create a better world.

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