Manhattan Reiki

I live in New York City. I live here with 8+ million people. That’s not counting the millions who visit.

So it sometimes happens that a few other people are strolling the sidewalk or the subway steps just as I am purposefully heading somewhere, no time to spare.

My path totally impeded, the phrase arises: “Today only.”

The crowd settles me.

Today only.

Right now.

This moment is mine to savor.


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Reiki Precepts
Today Only
Practice Makes Present


4 thoughts on “Manhattan Reiki”

  1. I repeat the Reiki Precepts several times a day. My husband has been going through many changes as a result of a brain injury three years ago. But…Just for today I will not worry, I am not angry, I am so grateful I still have him even though he is a little different version of the one he was before. There is always love and gratitude. There is always beauty and joy. I found Reiki at just the right time. Funny how that can happen. Truly a gift.


  2. Ellen Sosinski

    My husband and I (both Reiki students) are often asked how we are so calm in the face of upset, chaos, etc. Daily self-treatment, hand on our hearts and the words, “Today Only…” have carried us through many situations. What a valuable gift!

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