Looking for support for your Reiki professional practice? You’re in the right place!

I’ve been a Reiki professional since 1986 and I’m here to share what I’ve learned so you can fast track your development without compromising quality, and get support where you feel the need. Like other healthcare professionals, Reiki practitioners benefit from continuing education — and so do their clients!

The articles, videos, and trainings below will help you feel more confident, improve your skills, and grow your business, so you can help more people. 

And isn’t that why you became a Reiki professional,  to help more people?

Pamela Miles of Reiki, Self Care and Medicine
Pamela Miles

Reiki Professional Academy

My Reiki Professional Academy is your online home for honing your professional skills.

As a Reiki professional, you’re paid for your Reiki sessions and/or classes. And as a Reiki professional, you’re one of the public faces of Reiki practice.

Of course you want to be the best, brightest, most credible Reiki professional you can be, so you can grow your practice and help more people.

After all, isn’t helping people why you became a Reiki professional?

Helpful Videos

Reiki Retreats, Programs, and Events

Reiki & Medicine Intensive-
This three-day immersion in academic learning and Reiki practice helps you integrate Reiki practice into conventional health care — your personal health care and today’s rapidly changing healthcare industry.
Heart of Reiki Retreat with Pamela Miles
The Heart of Practice -
Reiki Retreat in Mexico that takes you deeply into your practice and your wellness.
More Reiki Clients
4 Step Balance System for Communicating Reiki-
Recorded online training.
A simple approach to reach more people
Pamela Miles of Reiki, Self Care and Medicine, Sitting outside on a bench
Mainstreaming Reiki -
Audio Training.
A deep dive into places where Reiki professionals often lose people, such as how to explain it, where’s the proof, is Reiki safe, and spirituality
The Self-Reiki Badge Available in 30+ languages. Get your badge here!

Celebrating Daily Reiki Self Treatment

There’s a difference between meditating occasionally, and meditating every day. 

It’s the same with Reiki practice. People who commit themselves to their Reiki practice, who self practice every day, naturally understand Reiki better than people who practice from time to time, when they feel they need it. Daily self practice is essential self care. 

I offer a free 30-day series of short emails to inspire daily self practice, which you’re welcome to share with your students. 

REIKI: A Comprehensive Guide by Pamela Miles

Many Reiki teachers recommend my book REIKI: A Comprehensive Guide to support their students. It gives …….more info here.  You can purchase it at the link or find it at your local book seller. 

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